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HPE partners with Scality for ARTESCA - cloud native object storage


Back in late April, Scality partnering with HPE announced ARTESCA. We were knee deep getting ready for our big May 4th announcement so I didn't have time to do anything with that announcement. So I circled back with our partner OEM partner Scality and have a podcast looking at ARTESCA.

Joining me on the podcast is Wally MacDermid, VP of Strategic Alliances and Business Development at Scality and Candida Valois, Americas Field CTO for Scality. 

I have two flavors of this - one you can watch (on YouTube) and one you can listen as a podcast. It's a short 15 minutes so I won't detail the agenda so check it out for yourself!

Here's the YouTube version. 

And if you prefer listening to it, here's where you can download the podcast

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There was a blog post on ATSB that announced Scality in late April, Introducing HPE Solutions for Scality ARTESCA cloud-native object storage

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