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HPE reimagines the customer and partner experience to transform IT infrastructure procurement

HPE has been on a multi-year mission to delight our customers by simplifying the sales process and improving their customer experience. Especially in this time of global pandemic, that mission takes on a new urgency. The stakes have never been higher for our customers; each is at a different stage in their transformation journey, facing unique challenges. We understand that our customers and partners rely on us to deliver technology that will help them respond to the changing business climate. We believe that through software and analytics we can help them monitor, analyze and optimize their IT operations in ways that will enable growth while weathering the current storm.

SDOE_CloudPhysics_blog.pngOur first step in the journey to delight our customers began with the transformation of the support experience with HPE Infosight, which allows customers to make true, data-driven, informed decisions about their IT environments and ensure optimum performance. We are now reimagining the upfront experience of planning and procurement, and the journey continues with our formal announcement of the AI-enabled, Software-Defined Opportunity Engine (SDOE). This new software engine will support our partners and resellers with tools that enable them to collapse the sales cycle from days-long to less than one minute.

With SDOE, customers receive tailored quotes enabled by HPE Infosight, created in under a minute, eliminating the need for the multiple conversations typically associated with purchasing new technology. Faster statements of work translate to faster implementation of the storage solutions needed to power their businesses. It can also help them accelerate their IT goals in the most transparent, efficient and cost-effective manner, while reducing complexity and guess work along the way.  

In order to further empower our partners and benefit our customers with data-driven insights, we are also pleased to announce our acquisition of award-winning CloudPhysics.

CloudPhysics’ unique SaaS solution monitors and analyzes IT infrastructures, estimates costs and viability of cloud migrations, and can model the customer’s IT infrastructure as a virtual environment. It’s a solution that can be deployed in minutes, generate insights in as little as 15 minutes, and has been proven to significantly increase the ROI on infrastructure investments. 

We will have more news about this exciting acquisition as we integrate their unique IP into our SDOE tool. Together, we will be able to expand our data-driven discussions to yield maximum, measureable benefits for our customers.

With the worldwide launch of our SDOE tool, and acquisition of Cloud Physics, HPE Storage has taken the next step on its ongoing endeavor to delight our customers. By utilizing software and data driven analytics, HPE Storage is transforming the sales and customer experience with real intelligence – removing complexity and guesswork, and turning it into a simple, data-driven decision making process, based on the preference and specific needs of our customers.

All in all, exciting on many fronts.

For more details, please read Tom Black’s new blog in the HPE Newsroom, and look for updated information on our Around the Storage Block blog as new details become available.

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