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HPE simplifies data protection for Hybrid IT with HPE RMC 5.0 and Cloud Bank Storage


RMC 5.0 is here! This new release enables end‑to‑end 3PAR application protection across all consumption models, delivering flash-speed protection while efficiently utilizing low-cost cloud storage for long-term retention and disaster recovery. 

RMC 5.0_blog.jpgHybrid IT—the blending of traditional and cloud services—is the new normal. It’s not hard to understand why. In the idea economy, finding your right mix of hybrid infrastructure is critical to powering your applications and achieving business outcomes. 

The growth of Hybrid IT is creating new challenges for IT leaders, particularly in the areas of risk and resilience. How can you support a mix of traditional, private and public cloud services while delivering all the protection you need—wherever you need it?

Today we are making that important choice simpler with the announcement of HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) 5.0 with support for HPE Cloud Bank Storage. This new solution enables end-to-end application protection across all consumption models, delivering flash-speed protection while efficiently utilizing low-cost cloud storage for long-term retention and disaster recovery.

Flash speed protection with less cost and complexity

As shown in this video, HPE RMC software integrates HPE 3PAR All-Flash arrays with HPE StoreOnce Systems to provide application owners with fast, efficient and simple data protection.  RMC delivers 23x faster backup[1] and 15x faster recovery[2] with no impact on application servers. It also reduces cost and complexity with the elimination of traditional backup applications.

Offered as standard with every new HPE 3PAR array, RMC 5.0 has expanded capabilities to deliver even simpler end-to-end protection and rapid recovery of business critical applications from the data center to the cloud.  Here are some of the highlights.

HPE RMC 5.0.jpg

Simple and efficient cloud backup

Low cost, high capacity object storage in public, private or hybrid cloud continues to gain traction as a solution for the challenges of explosive data growth, strict retention policies and a pressure to reduce costs.

A recent ESG analyst survey[3] reports that when it comes to leveraging the cloud in specific ways to support cost-effective IT modernization, long term retention and disaster recovery represent two of the most frequent uses for cloud storage today. This is in large part due to the operational agility, efficiency and appealing cost structure that a secure offsite data repository provides.

RMC 5.0 support for HPE Cloud Bank Storage lets you leverage the economics, agility, and flexibility of the cloud for modernized data protection.

You can seamlessly, securely, and cost-effectively move backup data to the public, private, hybrid cloud or on-premises object storage—enabling long-term retention, archive and reliable disaster recovery that is simple and efficient. 

The solution sends, stores and retrieves only unique data for lower TCO and is highly scalable, enabling the protection and retention of more than 100 PB[4] of backup data starting at one tenth of a cent per month[5].

And unlike competitive solutions, you have the flexibility to recover data from the Cloud Bank store to any physical or virtual StoreOnce system—such as StoreOnce VSA on Microsoft Azure—anywhere in the world.

Self-service data protection

HPE 3PAR All-Flash arrays are leading the way in the evolution of self-service data protection with RMC software.   Application owners and storage admins can control their application’s data protection directly from within their preferred native interfaces. 

RMC 5.0 expands the RMC application system[6] to include Microsoft Exchange. This provides simple, rapid and affordable backup and recovery of Exchange mailboxes running on 3PAR—all through the familiar RMC GUI management interface. 

Simplified data protection management is further enabled by RMC 5.0 integration with 3PAR SSMC[7].  This provides 3PAR storage admins with the ability to set up protection policies at the time of volume provisioning, enabling end-to-end cloud-ready data protection managed through one simple console.

Check out the ChalkTalk video for an even closer look at RMC 5.0.

Bottom line

By deploying cloud-ready storage on-premises today you can be better prepared for moving to the cloud at any time and, at the same time, achieve many agility benefits within your own datacentre. 

With HPE RMC 5.0 now available for 3PAR flash-integrated and cloud-ready data protection, you can natively link your primary storage, secondary storage, and private/public cloud storage.  

As a result, you can leverage the economics, agility and flexibility of the cloud for long term retention of backup data for regulatory or governance compliance or disaster recovery, while continuing to use your on-premises infrastructure for short-term operational recovery for fast restore.

HPE Discover Madrid.jpegComing to HPE Discover in Madrid?

You can learn more about how RMC 5.0 and Cloud Bank Storage helps you optimize data protection for Hybrid IT at Discover 2017 in Madrid, taking place November 28 to 30. Join us and see the hottest new technologies and innovations with demos, educational sessions and hands-on collaboration.



Simon Watkins HPE Storage.jpeg

 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Simon Watkins, WW Product Marketing Manager, Data Protection, HPE Storage.


[1] Compared to traditional backup environments

[2] Compared to traditional backup environments

[3] Best Practices in Cloud-powered Data Protection – ESG, December 2016

[4] Assuming dedupe ratio of 20:1 and the maximum logical capacity of HPE StoreOnce 6600 of 34 PB

[5] Assuming dedupe ratio of 20:1 and AWS (S3) standard object storage pricing of $0.02 per GB/Month

[6] RMC already supports application consistent protection for VMware, MS SQL, Oracle and SAP HANA

[7] 3PAR StoreServ Management Console

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