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HPE taking market share in storage, compute, and converged systems


IDC recently released their Q4 worldwide trackers for storage, servers, and converged systems. In each, HPE increased market share vs key competitors. In this post, I'll briefly discuss these and point you to where you can read more. 

I noticed a CRN article last week titled "HPE Touts Q4 Share Gains in Servers, Storage Versus Dell". I thought to myself, what the heck, how come I didn't know about this? Well, sometimes even I miss things. But I didn't want you to miss this. We had a great Q1 quarterly announcement at the beginning of March and it's great to see HPE is firing on all cylnders. Don't get me wrong - no one is running a victory lap as there's still a lot of work to do! 

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A few things from CRN

Here are a couple of things that were in the CRN article. 

HPE’s quarter-over-quarter growth of 13.7 percent is more than double that of Dell’s, which was 5.6 percent,” HPE said in a statement provided to CRN. “HPE’s strong performance is based on continued demand for compute solutions that span from industry-standard servers to high-end supercomputing.
In Q4CY’20, when the overall Storage market declined and Dell/EMC, NetApp, and Pure Storage declined, HPE grew 10.8 percent year over year and gained 1.3 percentage points of market share,” said HPE. “HPE cemented its position as the #2 market leader for Storage.

Read what IDC said

In addition to the Storage and Server releases that CRN discussed, IDC also released their Converged System quarterly report. Here are links where you can read the IDC releases:

One technical note - the HPE Q1 covers November 2020 through January 2021. IDC is looking at calendar quarters so there is significant overlap between HPE's Q1 and the IDC Q4 reports. 

A few more storage observations

Yeah, I used to be the HPEStorageGuy and will always be though I'm covering more of HPE these days. Here are a few things about HPE Storage. I'll include looking at Converged Systems since that is where HCI and dHCI fit. 

  1. This is what momentum looks like, when strategy, innovation, execution and customer experience come together to fuel business growth. In a quarter where the overall Storage market declined -2.1% YoY, HPE grew 10.8% and garnered #2 market position, and gained 1.3 pts market share worldwide while Dell, NTAP, IBM and Pure all declined. HPE’s strategy of helping customers unlock the power of data is clearly working.

  2. Tom Black’s vision and strategy to help customers unleash data and agility is clearly working. In a quarter when the overall Storage market declined 2.1% YoY while HPE grew 10.8% HPE is the #2 market leader and gained 1.3 percentage points of market share while Dell lost -1.1 percentage points during the same period.

  3. HPE growth in Storage in consecutive quarters is built upon a winning strategy that’s focused on providing our customers what they need. HPE has a Storage portfolio that brings industry-leading innovation with HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage dHCI to help customers accelerate their data-driven transformation.
  4. HPE delivered another exceptional quarter in HCI. For the second quarter in a row, HPE outperformed the hyperconverged systems market by a wide margin, growing 25 percent year-over-year, which is 3 times faster than the overall market growth of 7.4 percent. Based on this strong performance, HPE gained 2 points of revenue share year-over-year.

Chris Mellor at Blocks and Files has an article looking at the Converged Systems report that is titled, Dell extends HCI+hardware lead in Q4, and HPE is growing fast. But what about Nutanix?

Chris includes a quote from Tom Black, SVP and GM of HPE Storage, on this market in his article. 

The momentum in HPE’s HCI business continues to accelerate. This is now the second consecutive quarter in which we have clearly outperformed the market.

Learn more

Here are a few other related things I wanted to point you to. 

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