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Have You Signed Up for a Preventive Health Checkup for Your Data Protection Environment?


Run a health checkup on your storage environment with our Ninja-Protected Plus (NP+) Backup Analyzer, a software tool that collects information about production backup environments and processes.

You can sign up for a free backup assessment hereFill in the form and you will be contacted for a free, confidential, non-invasive and no-strings-attached assessment. Need convincing? Consider all the reasons this is a smart move for your data protection environment.

Preventive health checkups are very useful in early detection of all types of illnesses and risk factors. Most of the preventive health checkup packages comprises of a set of comprehensive tests that have been specially designed keeping your health inData Protetion_Checkup_blog.jpg mind. One of the positive developments in the recent years is that people are becoming more proactive about their health. Prevention is always better than remedy. Having regular health screening is an extremely important part of the efforts to stay healthy – more efficient and less costly.

If we draw parallels of preventive health care with how organizations protect their data, the fact remains that they invest in a data protection solution to ensure that their data and critical business applications are safe and protected. And when it comes to data protection, not many measure track how backup is keeping pace. Let’s face it, data protection is typically an afterthought and no one really focuses on it once they have invested in a data protection solution.

Regular preventive health checkup will ensure your peace of mind from your health perspective, and similarly we at HPE are in the business of ensuring peace of mind when it comes to protecting your data. 

Less stress, more rest – with free backup assessment

This recent article shares a real-life company story where out of 5 backup/replication techniques deployed, none were working reliably or set up in the first place. The point is well made.

No matter whether you are a backup admin, IT operations manager or an executive, we can help shed some light on how your environment is really doing. HPE’s free backup assessment (yes, free with no strings attached) not only provides insights into how reliable and efficient your backup environment is. It can also uncover substantial cost saving opportunities. Our free backup assessment will tell you:

  • Your backup success rate
  • Which backup jobs failed and in our experience every customer has failed backup jobs that often you aren’t even aware of
  • Backup data retention times because retention time settings typically hold a fair amount of optimization potential and that might be nice to tap into
  • What your backup window distribution looks like and who the “offenders” to keeping SLAs are
  • What data types and capacities you are actually protecting

Our free, non-invasive backup assessment, which provides insights into the current state of your data protection environment, is the first step in helping you utilize your IT budgets more effectively. It also helps meet your service level agreements (SLAs) and reduce the risk of your data not being protected.

Assessments show you what really happens when you back up your data

Each and every month, we conduct about 50 assessments with our Ninja-Protected Plus (NP+) Backup Analyzer, a software tool that collects information about production backup environments and processes. The assessments, which are part of our backup, recovery and archive solutions program, are essentially a health check on your storage environment.  Some key points to keep in mind:

  • The assessments are run with no obligation to buy products or services. NP+ has been used to assess more than 1500 customer environments, examined 846 PB of data, and analyzed more than 8 million backup jobs to date. Most customers are very surprised by the details the report uncovers. If you are unknowingly losing backup data or your backup jobs are taking too long, the report brings these issues to your attention and gives you the opportunity to rectify the situation.
  • More than half the customers assessed had one or more backups that took more than 96 hours to complete. That’s more than four days! What’s being done with the data that continues to pour in over that four-day window? What if there is a failure three-and-a-half days in? Those long windows can be dangerous to the success of your backups. It is eye-opening, actually. The assessments also show that about 10% of customer backups take more than 192 hours. That’s more than a week!
  • We’ve met with a lot of customers who hold on to backup data for unlimited periods. In fact, more than 40% keep their data 366 days or longer. What does this mean? It means a big chunk of the organization’s back-up is data you’ll likely never use. We ask a lot of customers: Is it a business requirement? Did it happen by chance? Many say they hang on to the data just in case, thinking “I might need it in the future, so I don’t delete it just in case I get sued, or in case I might need to restore it.”
  • We’ve worked with many customers who are shocked by what we uncover in their assessment. At first, they want to refute the findings, but once they investigate on their own, they see confirmation of what’s been uncovered. Then they begin finding ways to improve the situation.
  • These assessment tools are completely non-invasive and take approximately 30 minutes to run. The NP+ assessment uses a script to collect metadata from the backup ISV server. We only use legal and ISV-supported means when pulling the information, no data is written or modified. The data collection scripts require read-only access to the backup ISV catalog.NInjaProtected1J.jpg

    Many of our customers have found that by making changes based on the insight provided by and NP+ assessment that their backup windows are significantly reduced. Assessments frequently validate the advantages of deploying a HPE StoreOnce deduplicating backup appliance to store the backup data.  Together, the savings in time and reduction in maintenance costs over existing systems have paid for the cost of the HPE StoreOnce system. In addition, we offer programs that allow you to pay for the storage you consume when you use it. This prevents a large upfront capital outlay.


We hope you never face a disaster in your business. But just like any good preventive health checkup, we’ll be there in the background making sure data is covered should there be a need.

In the next few months, we will give you more details about our assessment tools. Watch this space!!

Next steps to be Ninja-Protected Plus

Sign up for a free backup assessment. Fill in the form and you will be contacted for a free, confidential, non-invasive and no-strings-attached assessment.

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Article in Computerworld: Just like a health check for humans, your backups need a regular check-up too.

Backup Assessment infographics

StoreOnce Systems video


 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HPE Storage. @ashwinkshetty





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