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Health Checkup for Your Backup Environment



Get the details on this free, simple and complete health checkup for your backup environment. Then register today for the no-obligation HPE assessment to learn more about the health of your data protection environment—before it causes you any pain.

StoreOnce Health Checkup_blog.jpgI’ve already written several blogs about preventive health checkups for data protection and our Ninja Protected Plus (NP+) backup assessment service. Today, I’m highlighting some improvements in the service. Then I encourage you to watch a new five-minute video on NP+.

Let me start with some numbers. Now more than 2,000 people have benefited from a NP+ assessment. That adds up to more than 1,000 petabytes of backup data and more than 10 million backup jobs that have been analyzed. The resulting assessments have enabled organizations to tune their data protection processes based on quantifications of:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly backup volumes
  • Successful backup jobs, failed backup jobs and the 10 biggest backup jobs
  • Mix of backup data types--file, database and virtual machines
  • Backup retention times
  • Backup windows and throughput speeds
  • Summary of your backup storage devices

This health checkup enables you to focus resources on the problematic backup jobs and where there are issues with restores. The way the NP+ report is presented allows you to present numbers that can justify investment in new data protection infrastructure.

Ninja NP+ is easy

We use the metadata from your backup application. No backup data is touched so this service is non-intrusive. The metadata collection process differs slightly between backup applications. In each case, it takes just a few minutes. The collected metadata is sent to HPE. Using analytic processes developed over several years a report is produced for you in a few days.

And NP+ is free

There’s no charge for this service. We’ll identify if there is an HPE product that can optimize your backup processes. Any recommendation made will have the benefits quantified. In fact, provided a few conditions are satisfied, if you decide to move from your existing backup storage to an HPE StoreOnce system, we’ll offer you a 95% space-saving guarantee. Here’s more information on the backup assessment.

Now: Here’s the new Ninja NP+ video. Watch for complete details on the backup assessment.

Next: Please contact with any questions and to book a free NP+ assessment.


Ian Blatchford_HPE.jpg Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Ian Blatchford, Product Manager, HPE StoreOnce. @LottaBytes




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