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Hello HP OneView


By Calvin Zito, @HPStorageGuy  

Earlier this week, our HP Converged System Division - now run by my former HP Storage marketing VP Tom Joyce - announced HP OneView.  I was traveling so I'm a few days late telling you about it but I think if you haven't seen HP OneView, it's worth sharing with you a few days late. 


The program to deliver this new paradigm in infrastructure management started four years ago and the team had a unique approach to understanding what customers wanted in an ideal tool - it centered on what tasks admins needed to perform versus the products they had to manage.  Here's a video that talks about how the team worked with customers to HP OneView and briefly introduces it. 



If you want to watch another short, high-level video, check out HP OneView helps you work your way --- simply; it's another YouTube video.


Next, I want to point you to another video.  This one gives a high-level demo of HP OneView.  One of the things that sounds really cool and simplifying management is the SmartSearch feature that is a Google-style for your infrastructure. 



 Here are a few more demo videos to check out:

Several other server focused bloggers have been talking about HP OneView, so check them out.


Lastly, there's an HP OneView eBook that looks like a great resource that I recommend and you can check out the HP OneView page



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I have worked at HP and now HPE since 1983, all of it around storage but 100% focused on storage since 1990. I blog, create videos, and podcasts to help you better understand HPE Storage.


Is OneView meant to superceded ICE Manager? Or is there diff in features? 


In the webcast introducing OneView, Tom Joyce basically said:

  • Insight Control is widely use and we'll continue to develop it
  • As in HP Storage where we re-invented the portfolio, we try to manage generations of products in parallel
  • Bottom line, we want to get OneView in the hands of Insight Control customers but for now, both will continue

Hope that helps!

Hi Calvin,


thanks, that helps.


Bottom line for me is: if asked which way to go for new customers / new environments, go the OneView way. It containts everything you need and want, there is no superset of features only available in ICE.


I don't know enough about OneView yet to whole-heartedly agree but I'm 99% there.  I've been hearing about OneView (via its internal project name) for over a year and I know the investment to simplify processes has been huge.  When we had 3PAR in our portfolio, we still had customers that wanted to continue with the EVA because it was familiar and they didn't want to learn something new but that has changed now.  I'm guessing it will be similar here - as customers really understand the value of OneView, they will move to it but the adoption won't be 100% overnight. Thanks Natanael.

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