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Here we go! It’s almost time for HPE Storage at Commvault GO 2018

HPE and Commvault are working together to deliver simplified backup and recovery solutions for your business. Now Commvault GO is just around the corner to help you picture the possibilities with HPE and Commvault solutions.

HPE Commvault GO_blog.jpgData is a double-edged sword. It can create a lot of business value if it’s used for the right purposes, but it also represents significant liability when not managed properly. As we speak, your organization is gathering data faster than ever from many different sources. Keeping pace with this unprecedented data growth poses a huge challenge, but the bigger challenge lies in securing the data so that it can be effectively utilized without fear of unauthorized access or data loss. Any breach in data security can severely damage the reputation and performance of your company.

Client information, payment data, personal files and bank account details are just some examples of data sets that can be hard to replace and potentially dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Data lost due to disasters such as a flood or fire is crushing, but losing it to hackers or a malware infection can be potentially catastrophic to any business. That's why your enterprise needs a way of safely protecting your data no matter where it lives—whether on-premises or the cloud—along with the ability to restore it wherever it’s needed

Aiming to address these challenges,  HPE earlier this year joined forces with Commvault, a leader in the backup, recovery and data management space, to deliver simplified data protection solutions.. This unique partnership was introduced as a part of our HPE Complete Program, which enables the purchase of best-in-class third-party solutions (such as Commvault Software) from HPE via a single HPE purchase order. More than ever before, we feel your data can benefit from our combined protection solutions.

Picture the possibilities with HPE and Commvault at Commvault GO 2018

Commvault GO 2018 is the place to go to find out how you can thoroughly know your data, manage it, move it, recover it and use it to achieve remarkable results.

Could you help transform your business if you had access to ALL your data rather than the less than half that most organizations currently do? Maybe you could. Data is enabling companies to achieve things they've never even imagined.

Picture the possibilities at Commvault GO 2018

Commvault GO 2018 is Commvault’s flagship Digital Transformation Conference, taking pace October 9-11 in Nashville, Tennessee. HPE has a big presence at GO 2018. In fact, we are a "global diamond sponsor" so we'll be very visible. If you attend, you’ll have a unique opportunity to see joint HPE and Commvault solutions in person and in action.

How you can connect with HPE at Commvault GO

In-booth sessions

HPE has four demonstration pods in the turnkey booth with four solution demos that focus on data protection.

  • Demo 1: HPE StoreOnce Cloud Bank Storage with Commvault—Software- cloud-based disaster recovery, and low-cost long-term retention
  • Demo 2: HPE GreenLake Backup with Commvault software—New flexible, consumption-based model for Backup-as-a-Service
  • Demo 3: HPE Apollo with Commvault HyperScale™ Software—Scale-out data protection for resiliency, availability and scale
  • Demo 4: HPE StoreOnce with Commvault Healthcare solutions—Fast, simple, and comprehensive protection for critical patient data

These in-booth sessions are about 20 minutes long, giving you the opportunity to talk with our experts and learn more about how our solutions address your data protection requirements.

HPE sessions to attend

Conferences like Commvault GO are all about choices because there's always more going on than you can squeeze into a day (and night). But there are a few must-attend sessions:

At the top of the list: Don’t miss the keynote session “Be Different” on Thursday, October 11, 2018 (8:30 AM-10AM. It’s designed as a series of rapid pace TedTalk-like sessions where Patrick Osborne, HPE Vice President and General Manager of Big Data and Secondary Storage, will be one of the speakers giving you a flavor for how to leverage new approaches for storage and protection of your data assets, regardless of where they may be located (be that on-premises or in the cloud).

Here’s a snapshot of the other highly recommended Commvault GO sessions.Commvault GO HPE must-attend sessions_blog.jpg

Everyone is a winner with HPE

If you are joining us in Nashville, be sure and stop by the HPE booth and get your badge scanned to receive a free gift. If you visit the HPE Booth and get your badge scanned and attend 2 storage demos, then you will receive another gift. And we have a daily raffle with a Google Home Giveaway too. All you need to do is attend the breakout sessions and get your badge scanned and be eligible to win the daily raffle.Commvault GO Google Home giveaway_blog.jpgMore on the horizon—at Commvault GO 2018 and beyond

I’m very excited about the upcoming Commvault GO conference and what is in store for HPE Storage as we continue to innovate and elevate the standards of managing your data along with Commvault

If you are attending Commvault GO, please feel free to visit our booth #D1 and chat with one of our product experts to learn about the benefits that come with deploying HPE and Commvault solutions.

By expanding our partnership with Commvault, we’ve made it seamless for you to adopt best-of-breed solutions in a unified stack that enhances the already strong value proposition of the HPE data center portfolio. We continue to work with Commvault to develop innovative data management solutions for the modern data-driven enterprise, including HPE GreenLake Backup powered by Commvault.

Hope to see you at Commvault GO!

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