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How can HP 3PAR 7450c reduce your Oracle latencies by as much as 21%?


HasmigJ.jpgBy Hasmig Samurkashian, HP Storage Solutions Marketing


Oracle database environments demand the highest levels of performance and availability. HP 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash Storage is an ideal fit for Oracle DB environments, not only for its high IOPS and low latency but also for its robust HA and DR capabilities.



What if performance could be improved even more?

HP commissioned Demartek to investigate ways to improve response times for Oracle with 3PAR 7450c. First tested was the impact of an upgrade to 16Gb Fibre Channel infrastructure. This improved Oracle database write latencies by 21% (see Figure 1) and read latencies by 15%.


    Figure 1


While these are phenomenal results, an upgrade to 16Gb Fibre Channel infrastructure might be too burdensome for some in terms of effort and cost. As an alternative if you’re staying with 8Gb infrastructure, we offer HP 3PAR Express Writes. Express Writes is a write acceleration feature built into the 3PAR OS (beginning with 3.2.1). Express Writes represents a series of HP 3PAR OS protocol optimizations that improve array CPU utilization and host-write latency. Demartek tested Express Writes for an Oracle environment and found a 10% write latency reduction (see Figure 2).


     Figure 2


Telemetry data is shown in Figure 3 for both the 16GB FC infrastructure and 8Gb Express Writes environments. This data shows the distribution of I/Os in each of the latency buckets on the x-axis. There is a positive shift to the left (lower latency values) of response times at the device level for 16Gb FC and Express Writes. Only after 16Gb FC or Express Writes were deployed were I/Os serviced within 62 microseconds. Addition of 16Gb FC assures there are no read I/Os at all with service times of more than one millisecond.


Express Writes assures no writes serviced in more than one millisecond. The elimination of these long, tailing I/O latencies means processor cores are not idling while waiting for IO completion. Rather, these valuable processor cores can be kept busy executing subsequent transactions. Reductions in CPU idle times can be significant enough to reduce the CPU cores needed in an environment, thereby reducing DB licensing and maintenance costs which are levied by CPU core.


     Figure 3


Benefits out of the box

HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450c delivers high IOPs and sub-millisecond latencies for Oracle environments. There is a limit however to how low latencies can be driven down in an 8Gb Fibre Channel environment. When cost and effort are not factors, upgrading the SAN to 16Gb FC will yield the highest latency reductions. For an incremental performance boost for 8GB FC SAN environments, HP offers Express Writes, available if you have StoreServ 7450c storage running 3PAR OS version 3.2.1 or later.


Check out the full Demartek report

DemartekJ.jpgEvaluation Report: Improving Oracle Database Response Times with All-Flash HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450c



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