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How smart is your storage? Take the 1-min Storage IQ survey.

Are you spending your time fighting IT fires, rather than focusing on the initiatives that move your business forward? Do you ever wish you could end the reactive support experience — in which you find yourself wasting time as you wait to get connected with a level of support that can help you?

HPE-Storage_How-smart-is-your-storage_800x533RGB.jpgTake a minute to find out your Storage IQ

Storage, especially one backed by AI-driven intelligence, can make a world of difference for your business.

To understand how smart your storage is, it’s useful to think about your storage infrastructure intelligence in terms of “Storage IQ”. As you progress along the path towards intelligent storage, your Storage IQ goes up. And in pursuing storage intelligence — or taking it to the next levels — it’s best to begin with an understanding of where your storage stands today.

To do that, we’ve put together a brief survey to help you determine your Storage IQ. We invite you to take the survey now. It takes just a minute or two at most to complete. See where you land — and discover where we can take you.

Intelligent storage is a game changer

Storage has come a long way over the years. When AI is applied to both storage and the infrastructure that supports your data, you can evolve from reactive to predictive IT operations. Your infrastructure becomes self-healing, self-managing, and self-optimizing — and you focus on dedicating your time to the innovations that actually advance your enterprise.

Today, with advancements in AI, we’ve been able to help customers move beyond just storing data to using intelligent storage to transform. This means accelerating applications with data that’s always-on and always-fast, and dramatically enhancing the support experience so you no longer waste precious time working your way through different levels of support. (Now, with automated level 1 and 2 support, you can go straight to the experts.)

How smart is your storage?

Are you just starting to learn what’s possible with AI-driven intelligence? Maybe you’ve laid the initial groundwork to modernize with intelligent storage, but there’s still a lot more that you can accomplish. Perhaps you’re starting to transform with intelligent storage, and the next step is to harness the power of AI to optimize operations and speed. Then there are those who have become the envy of their peers by harnessing the full benefits of an AI-driven experience. Knowing your storage intelligence is the first step in exploring the full potential of infrastructure intelligence.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

To get a better sense of the challenges customers face and understand where they fall with their Storage IQ, we commissioned a 3rd party to canvas a group of 100 technology leaders, using this same survey. Not surprisingly, when they evaluated their own level of storage intelligence — from 1, just getting started, to 4, where AI is harnessed to unleash the value of data — 88% of respondents landed somewhere in the middle two levels.

In other words, enterprise IT managers recognize that there’s a good deal more to be done before their organizations can say they have “intelligent storage”. They may be just starting out on the journey to intelligence, or they may have already taken important steps along the way, but very few have reached a level of infrastructure intelligence that can help them in fundamental ways.

So, for most organizations, achieving storage intelligence is a high priority – but it’s also a work-in-progress. Digging further into the initial responses, we identified some of the key gaps that intelligent storage would help fix.

  • First, IT managers reported not having proactive visibility into potential storage infrastructure and performance problems. For instance, they might not know in advance what effect a new workload would have on existing apps, or even know if their infrastructure could actually support the additional load. And if an issue were to arise, most IT managers would not know until after that issue had become a full-blown problem.
  • Second, IT managers acknowledged that support continues to be a source of frustration. Lacking global intelligence, and employing a tiered support model, many vendors’ support processes were long, cumbersome, and distracting. Without predictive analytics, performance issues, capacity planning, and upgrades all presented risk and occupied far too much time — time that could have been used innovating for the business.

The value of an AI-driven experience

The infrastructure issues just mentioned may seem perennial, but once you build storage intelligence into your infrastructure, you’ll find these problems no longer apply. Data is always-on and always-fast. It’s served everywhere you need it, with efficiency and consistency. It’s protected, stored, and — above all — available to unlock insights and empower innovators. Storage intelligence enables you to mitigate infrastructure complexity, eliminate data silos, and gain unprecedented agility.

It’s a whole new experience.

Spend a minute to find out your Storage IQ.

Sandeep Singh
Vice President, Storage Marketing
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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