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How to Maximize Uptime and Prevent Outages in a Hybrid IT World



Hybrid Cloud is the new normal. But how do you ensure near continuous availability for your virtualized applications and infrastructure—within, across and between your data centers and the cloud?

Hybrid IT_storage_blog.jpgHybrid Cloud—when your organization provides and manages some IT resources in-house but uses cloud-based services for others—has become the new normal.

According to analysts at IDC, more than 80% of IT organizations will have committed to hybrid architectures by the end of 2017. Ensuring availability for your mix of hybrid infrastructure—from traditional to private, managed and public cloud—is critical to powering your new and legacy applications and workloads.  But reducing risk and ensuring high levels of business resiliency in today’s “always on” business environment is more challenging than ever.

The risk of downtime is real

In an always-connected world, critical application failures can cost your business its future. Unplanned downtime can originate from many sources, including natural disasters, network or power outages, human error, or malicious acts.

These things happen more often than you might think. In fact, 95% of enterprises have experienced at least one unplanned data center outage in the past 24 months—not just an individual system but an entire data center.1

IDC estimates that the mean cost of downtime for an enterprise is around $1.7 million per hour across industries, with some outages (in industries such as finance) approaching $10 million per hour.2

Along with lost revenue, the real cost of downtime can include damaged reputation, lost customer confidence and loyalty, and weakened competitive position, as well as regulatory compliance exposure. In today’s social-media-driven world, it doesn’t take long for news of an outage to go viral and it can take years to undo the damage.Hybrid IT_storage_1.jpg

Ensuring availability for a Hybrid Cloud world

The shift to Hybrid Cloud delivery models doesn’t eliminate core requirements around resiliency and risk. However, it does drive the need to rethink how you support a mix of traditional, private and public cloud services while delivering the right level of availability, data protection, and disaster tolerance—wherever you need it.

The HPE High Availability for Hybrid Cloud solution helps you plan for the unexpected and meet the challenges of high availability, business continuity and recovery in Hybrid IT environments.Hybrid IT_storage_2.jpg

The solution brings together industry‑leading HPE compute, storage and networking coupled with services expertise to provide integrated end-to end-resilience and risk reduction from the data center to the cloud. As a result, you can stay ahead of the competition—preventing the financial or reputational costs that can be crippling to your business.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the key components of the solution.

Reduce risk

The HPE High Availability for Hybrid Cloud solution mitigates risk with highly available infrastructure that delivers predictable service levels in unpredictable and demanding virtualized cloud and IT‑as‑a-Service (ITaaS) environments.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ all-flash arrays deliver enterprise-class data integrity and availability for mission-critical workloads in all-flash environments with demanding uptime service-level agreements (SLAs). HPE 3PAR arrays, along with HPE ProLiant and HPE BladeSystem servers, offer automated end-to-end data integrity check—from the server host to HPE 3PAR flash media—to protect your data from silent corruption.

HPE 3PAR arrays are designed to help minimize the operational impact by delivering planned resilience. 3PAR uses Persistent Technologies to maintain high and predictable application performance in the event of media, cache, port, controller node, or other hardware failures. As a result full hardware redundancy is built into the system, mitigating all single points of failure.  When appropriately configured, HPE 3PAR is capable of greater than “six nines” availability from a hardware perspective.

Ensure resilience

The HPE High Availability for Hybrid Cloud solution ensures resilience with native replication and disaster tolerance that maintains business continuity in the event of planned migrations, disasters or data center-wide outage.

For protection against site-wide outages and natural disasters as well as non-disruptive load balancing, HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence natively delivers automated, real-time failover and failback across three sites.  HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence will keep your virtualized deployments seamlessly running even in the event of a metropolitan or regional disaster.Hybrid IT_storage_3.jpg

Protect your data

HPE 3PAR Flash-Integrated Data Protection with HPE Recovery Manager Central and HPE StoreOnce provides virtual machine (VM) administrators and application owners with zero-impact, flash-speed and cloud-ready protection while reducing cost and complexity.

Cloud Bank Storage for HPE StoreOnce enables you to seamlessly and cost‑effectively send data to the public, private, or hybrid cloud, which enables low-cost, long‑term retention, and disaster recovery that is simple and efficient.Hybrid IT_storage_4.jpg

Optimized for virtualization

HPE 3PAR all-flash storage is the perfect storage platform for ITaaS, virtualization, and cloud applications. Exclusive virtualization and automation features built into HPE 3PAR deliver unique benefits for VMware vSphere®. The advanced storage technologies and hypervisor integration of HPE 3PAR optimize VM density and storage efficiency.

This is why VMware® chose HPE 3PAR StoreServ as a key design partner platform for the development of its Virtual Volumes (VVols) technology. And HPE is one of the few vendors to deliver Day 1 support for VVol replication on both the 3PAR StoreServ and Nimble storage platforms. 

The bottom line

The HPE High Availability for Hybrid Cloud solution delivers near continuous availability for applications and infrastructure by eliminating downtime—within, across and between all-flash data centers and the cloud. 

It provides you with the world’s most secure servers and storage, transparent data integrity, 6 x 9’s storage availability guaranteed and native site replication—with no additional appliances or software required, flash speed zero impact data protection and simple low cost cloud based long term retention and disaster recovery.

In other words, the solution enables you to meet any availability, protection and retention service levels for your applications and data—whether it lives on traditional IT, on-premises private cloud, off-premises private cloud or public cloud environments. 

Find out more

Watch this video to learn how Auckland University of Technology (AUT) deploys HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage to ensure availability for valuable intellectual property.


1 Fingers Crossed? Or What is Your Business Continuity Plan for the Inevitable, Gravic, Inc., 2015 (original source: Ponemon Institute)

2 High-Value Business Applications on x86: The Need for True Fault-Tolerant

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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Simon Watkins, WW Product Marketing Manager, Data Protection, HPE Storage.




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