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How to get cloud benefits for your on-premises business critical databases and applications

Get the best of the cloud for your on-premises SQL Server, Veeam and Splunk environments thanks to new storage services delivered through HPE GreenLake.

Experience the cloud now for your on-premises business critical databases and applicationsExperience the cloud now for your on-premises business critical databases and applicationsBusiness critical workload challenge and solution

Today, a majority of companies have an IT strategy that includes cloud (e.g. “Cloud First”, “Cloud Best”), but according to IDC, “… most Microsoft customers still run the vast majority of production workloads on Windows in the on-prem data center”. This is especially true for business and mission-critical workloads. The challenge customers face in moving them to the cloud includes the need for maintaining consistent performance and availability, maintaining control of the data, and lack of cloud system expertise. And when it comes to protecting data in the cloud, there are numerous considerations such as backup/restore performance, security, and data sovereignty just to name a few.

To help alleviate these challenges, HPE now offers new, pre-defined HPE GreenLake cloud services for Microsoft SQL Server and Veeam. Key benefits of these new “as a service” offerings include just paying for the infrastructure that you use, while being able to maintain the hands-on control to run and protect your production workloads using familiar HPE storage, compute and networking hardware.

The full HPE GreenLake value includes even more, such as faster time to solution with pre-configured, ready-to-ship offerings in as few as 14 days. That means getting the capacity you need when you need it—in minutes, not months, accessing online pricing for simplicity and financial clarity, and having web access for self-service via HPE GreenLake Central. In addition, the offloading of routine operational tasks through Greenlake Managed Services is optionally available for these offerings.

VEEAM SQL Server Splunk cloud on-premise.jpgThe scoop on the new as-a-service offerings

The HPE GreenLake platform-as-a-service solutions offer customers a faster time to value with a turnkey cloud experience on premises. The solutions, in pre-sized but adjustable configurations, have been developed to deliver levels of availability, performance, functionality, and cost, to meet a range of needs. These valuable full stack solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, and data protection solutions with Veeam, stand out from the competition with unmatched availability, performance, and choice. 

  • Microsoft SQL Server is the most common workload deployed on HPE primary storage platforms. Now, with these new HPE GreenLake services, customers have the option to refresh their environment with a workload-optimized and tested configuration that is ready to support their database, regardless of size. All of these new configurations feature HPE Alletra 6000 all-NVMe storage, recently proven to deliver increased database performance through the benefits of an All-NVMe array. In addition, most of the configurations incorporate HPE Nimble dHCI which adds the simplicity of hyperconverged while maintaining the independent scaling of compute and storage resources.  It’s expected that this pay-per-use pricing, point and-click self-service and other cloud features will provide a 30-40% TCO hardware savings vs. the traditional upfront capex model.
  • The Veeam offerings are available as a set of four reference configurations, ranging from small to large, based on HPE Apollo servers and the Veeam Availability Suite. In addition to these configurations, the HPE Apollo 4000 server family offers almost countless customization options such as using different disk sizes and types, including SSD and SFF disks, doubling the number of installable disks. This flexibility makes the platform suitable for different workload profiles including those demanding the most random I/O. Veeam delivers modern data protection, which entails backup and recovery, cloud mobility, monitoring and analytics, orchestration and automation, and governance, all with record setting performance.

Why choose HPE Storage and HPE GreenLake for running and protecting your business-critical databases and applications?

Whether SQL Server or some other critical workload, HPE infrastructure delivers unmatched availability. HPE is the only vendor with a 100% availability guarantee on enterprise-class data storage. This is coupled with the unique HPE InfoSight that uses predictive analytics to ensure uptime. In addition, HPE storage, in partnership with Veeam, provides hybrid cloud data protection and mobility features that span on-premises and cloud.

HPE makes all of your business databases and applications faster with leading all-flash, Storage Class Memory, NVMe media, and now All-NVMe storage arrays. This helps all your workloads to run faster, enables users to work faster, and empowers businesses to create value and innovate faster.

HPE GreenLake for Microsoft SQL Server, Veeam and other workloads, deliver the familiar benefits of HPE storage and HPE server platforms, a consumption-based pay-per-use model, plus additional benefits of the HPE GreenLake service that include:

  • Cost savings from leveraging a flexible, consumption-based model, with simplified units of measure for billing
  • Risk reduction from a validated full stack solution, right-sized for your implementation
  • Visibility of data, applications and infrastructure on-premises -  and under your direct control
  • Business agility by leveraging scalable pay-per-use architecture with cloud-based administration.

Through HPE GreenLake, customers can manage, pay for, and grow their environment, as needed, over time.

HPE Alletra 6000: Run business-critical databases and applications without compromise.HPE Alletra 6000: Run business-critical databases and applications without compromise.Next steps on the road to HPE storage solutions with HPE GreenLake

Microsoft SQL Server and Veeam are both available today as HPE GreenLake services, now in pre-sized configurations using HPE storage infrastructure to serve a range of organizational sizes and application requirements. These services all provide superior uninterrupted operations for mission-critical environments, while delivering cost savings realized by only having to pay for the infrastructure you need, as you use it, with on-demand scalability.

Please visit the HPE GreenLake services webpage for updated information on these services, and to learn more about the benefits of an as-a-service model for your most important databases and applications. Also check out  HPE and Veeam solutions and the HPE GreenLake for Microsoft SQL Server solution brief.

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