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Hyperconverged infrastructure offers proven benefits for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

An intelligent hyperconverged (HCI) architecture can be the answer for businesses that demand innovation and agility, especially when limited IT resources support a distributed workforce.  

These are challenging times for businesses in every corner of the world. Increasing pressure to streamline operations and an unprecedented need to enable remote workforces have accelerated IT modernization projects. To help drive business innovation and maintain agility, organizations first need to eliminate the complexity of legacy systems. An intelligent hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) can be the answer, especially in cases where limited IT resources are available to support widely dispersed workers.

 Reimagine hyperconverged webinar_BLOG_shutterstock_1675792069.jpgHPE SimpliVity was originally created to provide simple all-in-one systems that collapse the stack, yielding ease of deployment and simplicity. Customers gained VM-centric management, enhanced automation capabilities, and stepped-up efficiency in a software-defined infrastructure. They were able to quickly adopt the cost-effective HCI solution for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), remote offices, and edge environments because of the all-in-one form factor, easy scalability, and the ability to centrally manage multi-site deployments from a single interface.

Proven Benefits of HCI for VDI

A reliable VDI solution must offer consistent performance and data protection, and HPE SimpliVity provides both. IT Systems Manager Matt Ailstock of Maryland Auto Insurance knows how important these features are to operational efficiency. A few years ago, he realized end users were struggling to work around performance issues and system limitations in the outdated VDI environment. When it was time for a server refresh, he took a step back, looked at the whole infrastructure, and opted for HCI.

Ailstock found that the new HPE SimpliVity solution delivered a much higher than expected return for Maryland Auto Insurance. As he put it, his organization didn't know how slow their system was until they saw what was possible. "We do everything with virtual desktops around here, and the change was remarkable. Outlook and Microsoft Office loaded instantaneously, as did our underwriting and imaging applications. Multitasking was no longer a chore.” 

Recently, Ailstock sat down with JP Bovaird, General Manager of Hyperconverged Sales for North America, for an HPE Insiders webinar. Watch as he and other HPE SimpliVity customers share firsthand accounts of managing VDI environments, enabling remote workers, and lowering power, space, and cooling costs with HPE SimpliVity. The video includes an overview of use cases and benefits, and a demonstration of the hyperconverged infrastructure. Bovaird also covers recent advancements in HPE SimpliVity technology, including the integration of HPE InfoSight artificial intelligence that predicts and prevents issues that would otherwise disrupt IT operations.

HPE SimpliVity has helped thousands of customers worldwide to simplify and optimize their infrastructure and eliminate inefficiency. Find out what it can do for your business.

NOTE: To view the full pre-recorded video webinar, registration is required, including a phone number with country code.

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