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IDC Numbers for HPE 3PAR Storage: The Baseball Edition



The IDC numbers are out again. Yes, they’re good for 3PAR flash storage. Yes, I’m going to tell you about them.  And we’re going to welcome baseball season at the same time…

In true baseball fashion we start the game with an anthem…

Hats off…hands on hearts…National Anthem plays…

Aaaaaand play ball!

Before we get started, CONGRATULATIONS TO TEAM USA FOR WINNING THE WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC! It’s that time again. Winter is creeping away. Spring is in the air. We can smell it. Baseball is being played. And IDC numbers are out again.

Unlike baseball which only comes once a year for a full season, we get IDC numbers four times. That means that four times a year we will go right into the IDC numbers. And you know what? I still get excited about them eve3PAR_IDC report_baseball_blog.jpgry single time. I get so excited that I have to share that excitement with all of you! YAY!!!!! 

Like a runner trying to steal second base, as soon as I tell all of you exactly why those numbers are awesome the haters come running out. We know it’s coming because as of right now, HPE 3PAR StoreServ is the #1 targeted array by the competition.

Here’s the way I see it:  If you’re more worried about what we’re doing than what you’re doing, you deserve to lose.

There’s a reason big-marketing-but-light-tech companies go from #2 to #5 and have their stock price creep into single digits. They spend too much time contemplating on our positioning, our acquisitions, our outfits, our signals, our lockers, and our everything else HPE. It’s Pure Obsession. (See what I did there?)

Hate all you want just remember we here at HPE are not about to tolerate any tomfoolery.  That sound you just heard was the competition striking out...

Back to the IDC numbers. Yes, they’re out again. Yes, they’re good. And yes I’m going to tell you about them. Here’s a brief preview:

HPE is #2 in External Storage1

HPE is #3 in All-Flash Storage2

No I’m not bragging.  We have the best product in the world.  We should be #1.  More on that in a minute…

In Worldwide External Disk HPE revenue ranks in at #2. 3

Yes, our revenue puts us in at #2.  Market Share is a statistical tie with NetApp & IBM (but we’re ahead J). Another really nice coup for us. Till now, IBM and NetApp have always been ahead of us.  But even with NetApp having some success consolidating its legacy customers from WAFL to WAFL on flash, NetApp is still trailing us here.

And like I said above, the bloated behemoth is still sifting through a ton of systems from the combined entity against what has been a very consistent and focused strategy. In other words: Dell EMC is like a 42-year old pitcher coming out of the bullpen with no fastball. Sure it’s a nice story for a made-for-TV movie but there’s just nothing to be excited about.

It’s really nice to have the best player in the game, 3PAR, playing for us. And we’re super excited to be adding a little more muscle to the lineup…

That right there is a double.

HPE comes in as the #3 Vendor in the All Flash Space. 4

Best players score runs and 3PAR scores in abundance. Scoring our first ever $200M—$212M to be exact—quarter in all-flash revenue.5 We’re not consolidating. We didn’t have to. We actually set the standard by which all modern arrays are judged. Obviously we’re not the first vendor to score a $200M+ quarter. So why is that a big deal? It’s a big deal for a couple of reasons: 

  • Let’s face it, we were late to the Flash Dance. Scratch that. We weren’t late. We were fashionably late and when we arrived we made an entrance like no other.
  • Our incredible numbers all happened before our latest, game changing software release.

It’s amazing how much we’ve accomplished to this point.

That’s another double.

But it only gets better from here…

Consider this…

  • Imagine a world where you get instant provisioning from your hosts
  • Imagine a world where you get hands-free SAN zoning saving 90% implementation time…
  • Imagine a world with consistent application integration, such as Docker, Mesos, HANA TDI, vVOLS, and so much more, across file AND block…
  • Imagine a world where you get end-to-end protection from host to core to cloud...
  • Imagine a world where capacity is a fraction of the costs of public cloud…

Here’s that “better” part I was telling you about: This world already exists and you don’t have to imagine a thing. HPE does all of this and more. Through HPE Smart SAN for 3PAR, all your zoning needs are taken care of automagically. HPE OneView makes it simple to provision and manage your Data Center instantly. Resiliency has been covered for a very long time  but now we can go beyond the Data Center and take that resiliency into the cloud

And all of that can be had for less than a nickel. Yes, less than a nickel. That’s how you make the world great again. No bogus promises. You simply focus on making a better, persistently modern product and you make that product cost. . . I’ll say it again. . .less than a nickel.

And that is a home run!!

Speaking of better and persistently modern…

HPE Temple 6 Chambers of Flash Innovation

Every other flash vendor out there talks about legacy retrofitting or data reduction. The problem is that both of those conversations are a waste of time. Everyone offers data reduction. Legacy arrays are outselling flash startups by the boatload. No. What we’ve done in Flash goes above and beyond the nonsense other vendors market.  Welcome to the 6 Chambers of Flash Innovation:

  1. Adaptive Sparing that increases the DWPD of the SSD by using all cells within the SSD evenly
  2. Deduplication that’s always in-line and hardware accelerated through ASIC
  3. Compression that’s always in-line and working in parallel with the ASIC to ensure ridiculous efficiency
  4. Data Packing with post-data reduction operation that packs data into 16K blocks, producing less metadata and virtually eliminating garbage
  5. Elimination of all zeroes, natively and independent of Dedupe/Compression – and that’s why we have the best RAW to Usable Capacity Efficiency in the industry today.
  6. Express Layout with true active/active ownership down to the physical drive level delivering maximum protection in fewer drives while increasing the bandwidth consumption of each SSD.

We‘ve taken flash innovation to unbelievable heights and that’s here and now!

No other vendor – flash, hybrid, spinning disk, popcorn, peanuts, sunglasses, whatever – is delivering aggressive innovation the way HPE is. We already make a better product. That’s why we’ve had so much success to this point.

With our latest code we’re taking things to levels storage has never seen before.

Vince Lombardi once said, Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”  

With all due respect to Lombardi, we can’t help but disagree. We think perfection is attainable. I’m not saying HPE is perfect. But it can be. We already surpassed “excellence.” Those results speak for themselves. Perfection is next.


Jorge MaestrePNG.png Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Jorge Maestre, Competitive Strategist, Global Storage, HPE. @BigStrongGeek



1 Number 2 in revenue, statistically tied with NetApp & IBM for #2 in Market Share.  According to IDC WW Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker,2016Q4

2Number 3 in revenue. According to IDC WW Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, 2016Q4

3 Number 2 in revenue, statistically tied with NetApp & IBM for #2 in Market Share.  According to IDC WW Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker,2016Q44 Number 3 in revenue. According to IDC WW Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, 2016Q4

5 According to IDC WW Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, 2016Q4

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