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Integrating physical storage, StoreVirtual VSA and hyper-converged systems


Mix and Match IT Infrastructure


With the advent of hyper-convergence and software-defined storage(SDS), setting up an IT infrastructure from scratch got a lot easier. It’s a bit trickier to integrate a hyper-converged appliance or SDS solution into your existing environment, if only because the technology is so new. There are a huge number of choices out there, and it’s hard to know which solution will

  1. Be compatible with your existing setup, and 
  2. Provide the performance, features, flexibility and scalability required to address the gap between where your infrastructure is today and where your business is going.

ATSB followers know I have been sharing a series of simple “blueprints” to help you envision how our storage solutions can be deployed in your IT environment. We started with pretty basic blueprints that explained how virtual storage appliances work.  Now we have moved on to more sophisticated configurations involving shared storage between the main office and remote sites.

If you’ve got StoreVirtual physical storage arrays at the main office, you’ll want to take a look at Blueprint #6: Setting up VSA in remote offices for replication to physical storage devices. This configuration is particularly suited to small to midsize businesses that want to keep (and possibly scale out) their existing data center storage, and deploy cost-effective shared storage at remote sites without on-site storage experts to set up and manage the systems. 


For businesses with multiple remote offices, Blueprint #7 makes suggestions for how to standardize your IT infrastructure with CS 250-HC StoreVirtual hyper-converged appliances. Setting up HP hyper-converged systems in remote offices for replication to VSA talks about some of the challenges of scaling a distributed IT infrastructure, and shows you how the CS 250-HC can simplify it. No on-site storage experts required at the remote offices for this configuration either, by the way.

We just released a video tour of our new “configure-to-order” hyper-converged appliance, for those who would like a closer look. It’s about 2 minutes long, touching on some of the more notable features and configuration options.



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I'm Calvin Zito, a 33 year veteran in the IT industry and have worked in storage for 25 years. I have been a VMware vExpert for 5 years. As an early adopter of social media and active in communities, I've blogged for 7 years. I started my "social persona" as HPStorageGuy but with the coming HP separation, you can find me on Twitter as @CalvinZito. You can also contact me via email.


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I have worked at HP and now HPE since 1983, all of it around storage but 100% focused on storage since 1990. I blog, create videos, and podcasts to help you better understand HPE Storage.

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