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Intelligence changes everything : A chronicle, #CrowdChat, and Chalk Talk


If you watched any of the videos from Discover, you no doubt heard us talking about the Intelligent Data Platform. In this post, I have several things related to it to share. There is an article from our VP of Marketing, an interactive CrowdChat and a Chalk Talk. Let's get to it!

The Intelligent Data Platform Chronicle

One of the common threads through the three things I'll talk about is Sandeep Singh, our VP or Storage Marketing. He along with the HPE Storage leadership have solidified the Intelligent Data Platform. He wrote an article that introduced it for enterprise.nxt. His article - like this blog post - is titled Intelligence changes everything. I highly encourage you to read the article because it gives a lot of insight into what we are focused on in HPE Storage. Sandeep concludes the article with these lessons for leaders that I thought would be good to share here:

  • Every business will become an IoT company, deluged by data produced and collected from edge devices.
  • AI will need to be applied to that torrent of data, to manage it more effectively, handle its fragmented life cycle and glean business insights from it.
  • An intelligent data platform should be able to predict and proactively resolve issues before they occur, and deliver recommendations about how to handle specific workloads.

Join the CrowdChat on July 31 at noon EDT

On July 31, Wikibon will be hosting a CrowdChat that will dive into the Intelligent Data Platform. What is a What is the Intelligent Data Platform HPE Storage.jpgCrowdChat? It's an interactive Q&A using the CrowdChat platform so it's easy to follow, engage, and respond. We participated in one a few months ago looking at Enterprise AI. Take a look at it and you'll get a better idea - but IMHO, the best experience is to join live and engage with the experts who will be there. 

Sandeep and I will both be there as well as other experts from Wikibon (like long-time storage industry veterans Stu Miniman and Dave Vellante) and HPE, and of course other customers and partners who will bring their perspective to this conversation. Head over to the CrowdChat website and download the calendar item so you remember to join it live. on July 31 at noon EDT! 

Also, I'll mention that we'll have two additional CrowdChats that will cover other relevevant topics:

  • August 21 will dive into Hybrid Cloud Storage. Organizations want to bring the cloud experience to their data, regardless of where it lives. Learn how HPE and its partners are delivering cloud storage operating models on-prem, in the public cloud and at the edge.
  • September 10 topic is evolving Big Data and Leveraging Artificial IntelligenceOrganizations are taking their big data initiatives to new levels with machine intelligence. Join this CrowdChat to talk with colleagues and subject matter experts!

And the ChalkTalk: What is the Intelligent Data Platform?

Just before Discover in mid-June, I published a Chalk Talk that focused on answering the question what is the Intelligent Data Platform. I snuck it into an ATSB blog post I did pointing to live videos from Discover. Since the live videos only were there a few days, I'm guessing most of you didn't see that blog post so I wanted to share the Chalk Talk in this post. 

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