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Intelligent storage: learns, adapts, self-adjusts to help bring business strategies to life

Intelligent storage from HPE makes it easy to understand exactly what’s going on in your environment. Our storage solutions extract value, reveal insights and provide outcomes that can transform your business.

HPE Intelligent Storage_blog.jpgData is more at our finger tips than ever and it’s really changed our world, both personally and professionally. Especially on the professional front, the potential value of data you already generate, manage and control is enormous. However, accessing that potential, unlocking its value and obtaining the insight and knowledge that can transform your business can be complicated.  

These complications come, in part, from the last three decades of storage technology, where the industry has evolved from basic concepts of JBODs, RAID algorithms and rudimentary SANs, to more advanced (and more complicated) architectures. You faced many choices that needed to be made around block vs. file vs. object-based storage, or converged vs. hyper-converged, or Ethernet vs. Fibre Channel, or public vs. private cloud, or all-flash vs. hybrid, and so on.

Why you need intelligent storage

Fast forward to today. Storage solutions need to control the explosion of data from multiple architectures and make it easy to understand exactly what’s going on in your environment. They need to be more robust, with predictive self-healing and cloud-ready capabilities. In other words, they need to be more intelligent.

Intelligent storage is a requirement today because data has gravity. it doesn’t just live in a cloud. Data belongs down here with you, especially when you’re making critical business decisions. For example, in a hybrid-cloud model, you can move lots of data from one environment to another when it’s the right thing to do, but you can’t do it intelligently unless you know what should go where and if it’s safe to make the move. These complexities are more pronounced with GDPR and compliance regulations, adding even more weight to data, which simple-minded storage of yesterday just cannot handle. Your odds are always about 50% failure or success and the costs of making a wrong decision are just too high. Your storage needs intelligence understand data and its surroundings.

Think about how you could transform your business if your storage could. . . 

Would you like to be able to:

  • Move data where it needs to be with seamless cloud mobility
  • Anticipate challenges to guarantee 99.9999% availability
  • Learn and adapt, to predict and prevent 86% of problems across your infrastructure
  • Optimize to extract actionable insights for all types of data and regardless of locality
  • Self-adjust in real time, lowering OPEX by 79%
  • Provide an experience that gets even better over time

In other words, think about how you could transform your business if your storage were intelligent.

At the risk of being presumptuous, I believe that only HPE provides truly intelligent storage. And because HPE is an infrastructure company, we understand your complex environment, beyond just your storage. We know your virtual machines, your containers, your apps, your eco-system, and we get smarter from everything within that environment. We extract value, reveal insights, and provide outcomes that are impossible to achieve from simple-minded platforms. Simple-minded storage solutions provide rebuilds, zoning, and multi-pathing, but they can’t help you learn, adapt and self-adjust in real time. We do.

What intelligent storage can do for you

Intelligent storage is more than just automation. Intelligent storage removes the burden of making poorly informed critical decisions and supports your vision and goals. The complexity of serialized and manual decisions become easy with intelligent storage. Figuring out changes based on workloads, topologies, usage patterns, economics, data security and more—it’s all part of intelligent storage.

Most importantly, intelligent storage from HPE makes you—and your business—more intelligent. Your data is full of critical and transformative intelligence. HPE Data Storage harnesses that data at the right time to drive actionable outcomes—improve customer engagement, quickly deliver new product offerings, and enter emerging markets faster than you ever imagined.

Storage that’s Predictive, Cloud-ready and Timeless

Today, HPE delivers intelligent storage with solutions that are: Predictive, led by HPE InfoSight; Cloud Ready, led by HPE Cloud Volumes and HPE Cloud Bank storage; and Timeless, our promise to protect storage investments for the future.

When it comes to Predictive storage, HPE got there before any other vendor by championing AI and machine learning. We brought AI to the datacenter with our cloud-based platform, HPE InfoSight, and eliminated wasted time and headaches by making your infrastructure autonomous. HPE InfoSight doesn’t just predict and prevent problems before they impact your business, it completely redefines the support experience into something that you will actually like.

HPE InfoSight gives you visibility across hosts, VMs and network issues, eventually into the world of hyper-converged and composable infrastructure through the HPE breadth of offerings. We know how data needs to interact, and we combine that understanding with learnings from our installed base to see an issue once, and prevent for all. The insights aren’t just generated from your environment, they come from cross-referencing thousands of arrays across thousands of customers who are doing the same things as you. With machine learning, the cycle of diagnostics and prevention is incredibly evolved, and any chance of you facing a business impact becomes infinitesimally small.

Earlier this year, we added HPE InfoSight intelligence to 3PAR, across the installed base. We are increasing its intelligence with learnings acquired from across tens of thousands of arrays. HPE InfoSight on both HPE Nimble Storage and HPE 3PAR gives us the most advanced flash portfolio to date—whether you prefer a simple, low-touch system such as HPE Nimble Storage, or a full-featured offering such as HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage.

We know cloud is an integral part of everyday IT, so we make sure your storage is Cloud Ready with options such as HPE Cloud Bank Storage and HPE Cloud Volumes. Everything we deliver today has a cloud perspective, ensuring that storage environments are optimized for the cloud and for data mobility between environments. This brings flexibility and data mobility into your stack—between systems, sites and the public cloud.

All these options are meaningless if your investment isn’t protected for the future. If what you buy today is expensive, obsolete in 12 to 18 months, and won’t meet future needs, then it’s neither “modern” nor “efficient.” With our Timeless promise, we ensure your storage is modern and efficient with all-inclusive licensing, free tech refresh options, the 6-nines availability guarantee, flexible capacity buying options and designs that are ready for future technologies such as NVMe and Storage Class Memory.

Simplifying Hybrid IT with an all-encompassing experience

Ultimately, whatever your business is, it must be backed by a sound digital transformation strategy that relies on an infrastructure that promises no disruptions, no manual intervention and no hassles. Regardless of where you are on your digital transformation journey, we have you covered. 

This is exactly what we do: We simplify Hybrid IT by delivering an intelligent storage infrastructure that protects your investments.

It goes beyond how you use our products and makes it easier to engage with our sales team and our engineers. HPE provides this intelligence from a support perspective, from a usability perspective and finally from an overall ownership perspective. By taking one giant step for intelligent storage with predictive analytics and AI, we let you put the focus back on bringing your business strategies to life.

Gain greater insights on intelligent storage

Here, HPEStorageGuy Calvin Zito sits down at the recent HPE Discover event with Milan Shetti, SVP and GM of HPE Storage and Big Data, to talk about intelligent storage.


Or check out the spotlight session delivered by Milan at HPE Discover in June: What’s possible when you embed AI in your storage? The predictive all-flash advantage (The video runs about 55 minutes long but it’s worth the time.)

Beth-Joseph_1024px_6208990.jpgMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Beth Joseph, Manager, Storage Marketing, HPE. Beth is a storage industry veteran with two decades of marketing and product management experience. After spending much time in the primary storage arena, Beth is branching out to understand how storage needs to evolve so data can truly be transformative for our customers’ businesses.


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