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Introducing Britt Terry to lead our discussion on SMB. Join in!


By Melissa Saegert Elicker, editor, HP Storage

 In the coming weeks, we’ll be welcoming Britt Terry, product marketing manager (and SMB solutions expert) for HP Storage, to Around the Storage Block. Britt will be focusing on the challenges facing SMBs today. You know what they are: Not enough time. Not enough money. Too much risk.  So how do you solve them? That’s exactly what Britt will be talking about. We invite you to join in the conversation! Share your own experiences, ask questions and let us know topics where you’d like us to dig deeper.


First, catch Britt Terry’s interview on The Standard Channel.


Britt_2.jpgTo get the ball rolling – and to get you knowing Britt – here are some excerpts from an online interview he gave recently on The Standard Channel.


When asked what trends he sees in storage today, Britt says that “virtualization is a more and more relevant trend for SMB IT managers and this trend is changing the storage requirements for products expected to be deployed into this segment this year.” He observes that “as with virtualization, modern data protection strategies which involve activities such as deduplication are now coming down to SMB customers.”


"The booming growth in unstructured data is hitting the SMB segment really hard."

Britt notes how "it starts with simple file server sprawl and really quickly makes a business case for simplified, cost effective consolidated file storage becoming a top priority.”


He goes on to say that these trends “continue to propagate their way deeper into the datacenters of SMB customers. . . For smaller businesses, these same trends are now becoming simple enough for them to consume without the IT specialization that larger companies typically have. The challenges for vendors of these newer technologies center around scope and budget limits as well as simplification which must be there for an IT generalist to deploy and administer.”


Bottom line, “any new technology deployed in a modern datacenter needs to be driving efficiencies, agility and making things easier to manage and the math will not line up as scale hits due to the bigger shifts. Quantifiable business value is achievable and the vendors who are truly driving this type of value will be able to prove it.”


Stay tuned—and join in—as Britt picks up on these conversation threads in coming blog posts. And mark your calendar for our upcoming May13th web event. Details here:


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