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Introducing HPE Solutions for Scality ARTESCA cloud-native object storage

HPE and Scality have been strong partners for many years in the object storage space, selling solutions based on Scality’s flagship and industry-leading product, Scality RING. Today, HPE is thrilled to join Scality in announcing a new addition to our joint portfolio, ARTESCA which is a lightweight, cloud-native object storage product for Kubernetes environments.

HPE_Scality-RING_Scality_ARTESCA_blog.pngObject storage evolution

There are a few key trends in the market that are impacting the object storage space, and its evolution from being a platform for expansive data lakes and archiving and retention, to a primary storage option for emerging cloud-native and data-intensive applications. 

First, application modernization has led customers and ISVs who use the cloud-native model for developing and deploying new apps to run in a Kubernetes environment. This better aligns with an API-centric (such as S3) model for storage access, and a trend toward automation for storage provisioning.  Second, a new generation of application workloads are emerging, such as in-memory processing, analytics, and other data-intensive software, such as machine learning. The wide variety of data types and sizes changes the storage performance requirements, as well as management necessary to efficiently search a massive amount of metadata. 

From a media perspective, flash has become far denser, and in the case of technologies like QLC flash, it’s changing the economic equation around the use of flash. Many will say that we’re near that tipping point where flash can be as economical as HDDs for storing data. This makes it possible to store larger and larger data sets on flash, offering both lower cost and high performance. 

All of these trends have resulted in object storage increasingly becoming a primary storage option for many use cases. The cloud-native environment demands adaptability, portability and efficiency – attributes that some traditional storage solutions aren’t up to matching. We’re also seeing an increasing number of ISVs embrace the S3 API directly in their apps, suggesting that object storage will be well positioned in future application modernization efforts.

HPE Solutions for Scality ARTESCA

Today, HPE and Scality introduce ARTESCA – a lightweight, true enterprise-grade, cloud-native object storage solution designed to meet the needs of the Kubernetes era. ARTESCA is supported immediately on a broad portfolio of HPE all-NVMe flash and hybrid flash data center and edge servers, including the Apollo 4200, Apollo 4510 and ProLiant DL325.  HPE Solutions for Scality ARTESCA can start small on a single server, and scale out easily in performance and capacity as needs grow. Application owners and DevOps staff can easily manage the persistent data infrastructure from anywhere, without being forced to become storage experts. Providing comprehensive support for the AWS S3 API and built-in federated data management means that you can manage any of your S3-compatible data stores no matter where they reside – in the core data center, edge or cloud – even those object stores from other vendors. In short, ARTESCA offers the scale, simplicity and resilience needed by today’s most data-intensive cloud applications.

Central to the HPE value proposition for any solution is to offer it as-a-service, and the solutions for ARTESCA are no exception. HPE GreenLake will enhance your Scality ARTESCA solution with as-a-service cloud economics and a managed services experience on-premises.  HPE GreenLake provisions hardware, software, and services to create your optimal solution. It is consumed like a cloud service, helping you offload management of on-prem and public clouds, freeing up your valuable resources.

Object-storage_cloud-native_Kubernetes_application-modernization_blog.pngFinally, some really big news: HPE has a six-month exclusive agreement with Scality for the ARTESCA solutions! This means that HPE will be the sole infrastructure provider for ARTESCA, effective today and running through October 31, 2021.

We are very excited to be partnering with Scality to bring solutions for ARTESCA to market, and advancing the benefits discussion with our joint customers, partners and prospects. 

For information on HPE Solutions for Scality ARTESCA, please visit our websites.

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