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Introducing the HPE B-series SN3600B FC switch with lifetime warranty, port-on-demand kits

Mission-critical storage environments require greater consistency, predictability, and performance to keep pace with growing business demands. Faced with explosive data growth, all-flash data centers need more IO capacity to accommodate the massive amounts of data, applications, and workloads. In addition to this surge in data, the collective expectations for availability continue to rise.  Users expect applications to be available and accessible from anywhere, at any time, on any device. 

HPE-B-series_SN3600B-FC-switch_lifetime-warranty_port-on-demand-kits_blog_shutterstock_1927269110.pngThe HPE SN3600B Fibre Channel Switch was designed to meet the growing demands of hyper-scale virtualization, more extensive cloud infrastructures, and all-flash-based storage environments by delivering market-leading 32Gb Fibre Channel technology and capabilities.  

Today, the refreshed HPE B-series SN3600B FC switch comes as a total solution, bundled with either 8 or 24 transceivers (16 Gbps or 32 Gbps), IO Insight, VM Insight, and a new lifetime warranty. This lifetime warranty has next-day coverage with whole unit replacement. The refreshed HPE B-series SN3600B also comes with free software updates, 24x7 access to Global Remote Support, and access to FOS updates for the life of the product.

Multiple configurations to meet your requirements

HPE B-series SN3600B FC switchHPE B-series SN3600B FC switch

 The new switch comes in four configurations:

  • HPE SN3600B 32Gb 24/8 8-port 16Gb Short Wave SFP+ Fibre Channel Switch - R4G55B
  • HPE SN3600B 32Gb 24/8 8-port 32Gb Short Wave SFP28 Fibre Channel Switch - R7R97A
  • HPE SN3600B 32Gb 24/24 Power Pack+ 24-port 16Gb Short Wave SFP+ Fibre Channel Switch - R8P29A
  • HPE SN3600B 32Gb 24/24 Power Pack+ 24-port 32Gb Short Wave SFP28 Fibre Channel Switch - R8P28A

Simplified port expansion

Additionally, there are now Port on Demand (POD) Kits for the HPE SN3600B, simplifying the expansion of ports to meet your growing needs. These eliminate discrepancies in active ports and the quantity of transceivers when upgrading.

  • HPE SN3600B 16Gb w/8 SFP+ upgrade license kits - R7M10A
  • HPE SN3600B 32Gb w/8 SFP28 upgrade license kits - R7M09A

For more information, please visit us on at our Storage Networking page – and consider upgrading your legacy FC SAN with the HPE B-series SN3600B FC switch! 

Rob Gee.jpgMeet HPE Storage Blogger, Rob Gee.  Rob is the Senior Product Manager for HPE B-series Fibre Channel switches, and is focused on next-generation fibre channel products that support storage and compute connectivity.





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