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Is SAN performance versus affordability a paradox? Think again!

Is SAN Performance versus affordability a paradox? Think again! Start your SAN modernization with HPE’s B-series SN3600B Gen 6 32Gb entry FC switch.

Faster and affordable SAN infrastructure_BLOG_shutterstock_297792194.jpgThe evolution of data center technologies is rapidly accelerating, with higher-than-ever VM densities, applications demanding more bandwidth and lower latency, and all-flash storage now comprising more than 50% of new arrays being sold.  When you add this all up, it’s easy to see that the data path is more important than ever before. The world’s enterprise data centers trust Fibre Channel SANs when data matters most, and since ~80% of flash storage is connected to FC SANs, you know that it can keep up with the demands of the ever-evolving enterprise data center.  But what about all of the small or medium-sized business out there?  Isn’t their data just as important to their growth and sustainability?  Isn’t business continuity just as critical to a small business as it is to a mega business? Why shouldn’t enterprise features, benefits, and performance be available to smaller businesses too? 

Faster, more affordable SAN infrastructure for flash-based storage

HPE has recently announced the general availability of the SN3600B Fibre Channel Switch. The entry-FC SAN switch is purpose-built for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and budgets, who want enterprise features, functionality, and performance, at an affordable price.  Don’t get me wrong, affordability isn’t the only consideration for smaller businesses. Because employees at small businesses are often asked to be jacks-of-all-trades and masters-of-none, IT decisions may very well be driven by ease of ongoing management and support, or simplicity of deployment.  With the SN3600B FC Switch, customers can legitimately deploy in 3 easy steps, and can take advantage of 20 years of configuration best practices with 1 click of the mouse.  And, at the risk of sounding like the Ginsu knife sales-person on your favorite home shopping program, the SN3600B also includes advanced diagnostics and analytics that can detect and correct issues before they become a disruption to day-to-day business operations. The SN3600B is quite possibly the “Easy Button” of Fibre Channel SAN switches.

Lower latencies and simplified management

The introduction and proliferation of virtualization created a new performance challenge for the data path.  Yes, the benefits of virtualization were ground-breaking in terms of efficiency and capacity utilization, but the impact of the higher workload aggregation and VM densities on a single physical server lead to bottlenecks in storage.  Flash storage, thanks to orders-of-magnitude lower latencies, and new, simplified management proved to be an effective solution, but many IT administrators found themselves grappling with faster, more capable storage, higher-than-ever VM densities, and higher-powered servers, and found that the data path might become a bottleneck. For years, larger enterprises with even larger IT budgets standardized on FC SANs, but smaller businesses with more pedestrian IT budgets need a high-performing and reliable data path too. The introduction of the SN3600B SAN switch is the purpose-built solution for customers who need fast and reliable access to data and applications but are budget-conscientious too. 

A closer look at the SN3600B Fibre Channel switch

The HPE B-series SN3600B FC Switch provides exceptional price-performance versus prior generation entry-level FC SAN switches, with configuration options that allow 32 Gb/s or 16 Gb/s optics, depending on budget. It also provides exceptional flexibility with grow-on-demand port licenses in 8 port increments. And your IT investment is protected into the future since the SN3600B is built for today’s flash storage, and is NVMe-ready and backward compatible with 8, and 16 Gb/s.

HPE B-series SN3600B FC Switch increases performance for demanding workloads across, with up to 20% lower latency as compared to Gen 5 FC switches. This breakthrough performance speeds up response time for data-intensive applications, efficiently enables more transactions in less time, and allows IT managers to meet their SLAs with confidence.  It is integrated with HPE Network Orchestrator and Smart SAN for 3PAR for greater visibility into your SAN fabric, and addresses configuration-related inefficiencies in the area of zoning.

With HPE’s rigorous end-to-end interoperability testing, the SN3600B FC switch can be confidently deployed with any HPE Storage platform. Additionally, using HPE’s management tools and analytics capabilities like SANnav and Fabric Vision, you can troubleshoot network issues faster, simplify provisioning, and automate common tasks that couldn’t be done with Gen 5.  It also supports VM Insight Software to optimize VM workloads and ensure service levels within the fabric through the individual VM.  Finally, to make things easy, the SN3600B FC switch is available with pre-bundled 16Gb optics and with the HPE PowerPack+ Software (not available in Gen 5) for customers looking for the easiest configuration, ordering, and deployment process available.

With the HPE SN3600B Gen 6 FC Switch, scalable, easy-to-manage, high-performance fabrics for private cloud storage, highly-virtualized, and all-flash storage deployments just became truly affordable!

The HPE B-series SN3600B 32Gb FC Switch are available immediately for ordering. Please contact your local HPE account team for detailed pricing information. 

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