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Is it the end of data storage as we know it?


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By Calvin Zito, @CalvinZito  

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Without question, innovation and change are the two biggest factors that drive technology forward. In a recent post, Craig Nunes explored how breakthrough innovations like magnifying glasses and lasers have captured the imaginations of those who use them, leading to some amazing new applications. Craig applies that same lens to flash storage—a truly innovative game changer that is capturing the attention of our customers and industry experts alike. (Case in point: We were just named a leader in Gartner’s Solid State Magic Quadrant where Gartner acknowledged HP as the fastest-growing flash vendor in 2014.)


What could be a better time to continue the conversation?
I'd love to have you to join us in some real conversation and insights about flash storage and the future of storage in general. What’s changing? What’s driving the change? And how you can stay ahead of the curve? Jump in here:


Conversation on: Software-defined storage—the hidden secret behind the power of hyper-converged

As if you didn’t know, today’s data center is undergoing a revolution, in large part due to two new advances: software-defined storage and hyper-convergence. Combined, they offer simplicity of deployment and greater flexibility, as well as new operational efficiencies that reduce the need for IT staff specialization and create time for bigger projects. Learn the hidden secret behind an HP hyper-converged data center, and discover how these two technologies make it possible for you to set up a virtualized server environment that can handle the hyper-growth that today’s business world imposes.


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Conversation on: Flash backup—why robust data protection and security strategy for your flash storage is a must

Once the decision to transition from spinning disks is made, you’ll want to have a robust recovery system put in place that matches the speed, scale and efficiency that flash storage gives you. In this webinar, you’ll see how you can achieve 17x faster backup than in the past with 5x faster restore at significantly reduced cost. But that’s not all. You’ll also discover more about end-to-end data protection, flat backup snapshot management, remote copy and asynchronous replication.

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Conversation on: The biggest game changer in storage history—all-flash
Now that flash storage is affordable, at or below the cost of spinning disk, IT departments everywhere can realize the amazing transformation all-flash storage can provide. It’s definitely a game changer. Take a look at spinning disk vs. flash, trends and the vision of an all-flash data center. Right here, brought to you by HP and Intel.

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Editor's note: Updated  October 1 to include most current webinar information.


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