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Is your SAN prepared for disaster recovery?


In times of disaster, RPO/RTO is often measured in hours or minutes. But what if you recover your data without downtime? That’s right: zero downtime, zero data loss if you set up an HA multi-site SAN solution from HPE.

Recover your data in no time flat

It seems like one of first questions asked when deploying new technology is, “How do I handle disaster recovery?” It all boils down to “How can I minimize the amount of time my business is dStop watch SAN disaster recovery_blog.jpgown if and when the system fails?” Normally this is measured in hours or in best case minutes. What if the answer could be “zero?” That’s right: zero downtime, zero data loss. HPE StoreVirtual multi-site configurations paired with VMware HA or FT can bring down RPO/RTO to as little as “zero,” synchronously replicating storage traffic between sites while minimizing site to site traffic.

StoreVirtual VSA delivers an HA multi-site SAN with zero downtime  

Lots of existing HPE StoreVirtual customers have been deploying StoreVirtual in stretched cluster configurations to help them realize “zero.” StoreVirtual VSA was the first iSCSI-based solution to carry certification for VMware Metro Stretched Cluster and remains the only hyper-converged solution in the market to carry it today. And you can deploy StoreVirtual Multi-Site to your vSphere environment without additional complexity and licensing requirements. By simply distributing StoreVirtual VSA or StoreVirtual-based hyper-converged solutions across multiple cabinets, datacenters or even separate physical locations organizations can benefit from “zero.”

We’ve got a new technical white paper that describes best practices around this feature. The link below includes tons of useful information about using an HPE StoreVirtual Multi-Site SAN cluster with VMware vSphere, including:

  • Best practices for building a cost-effective, simple-to-deploy, easily managed, highly available fault-tolerant solution.
  • How this solution provides zero downtime and zero data loss in the event of failures of servers and storage.
  • How to combine VMware vSphere with StoreVirtual SANs – addresses the storage demands and cost pressure associated with server virtualization, data growth, and business continuity.

Check it out – it’s a pretty elegant solution for multi-site business continuity.

Best Practices: VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster on StoreVirtual Multi-Site SAN


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Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Rich Holmes, HPE Software-Defined Storage Specialist.




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