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Is your data keeping secrets?

You may be collecting masses of data, but if you don’t unlock its secrets, you won’t be able to derive significant value from it.

Untapped data is brimming with secrets.

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If you make that data accessible to your business, you can unlock insights that could have a huge impact on your bottom line. Driven by their digital transformation initiatives, enterprises in every industry are looking to leverage data to improve customer experiences, support experiences and operational efficiencies.

For many businesses, unstructured data has become the elephant in the room: it’s enormous and growing, and everyone knows it’s there. – But without the means to efficiently store and access that data, many IT organizations opt to ignore it. – That’s a lost opportunity because the insights in that data could be driving their businesses forward.

How? Here are some examples.

  • Research institutions use imaging data for faster, more accurate medical diagnosis.
  • Manufacturers are getting smarter with digitizing their factory floors, predicting machine failures, supply disruptions and more with newly instrumented equipment and workflows.
  • Movie studios and video production firms can process the large amount of video data much faster than before.

Recently, Rapid Images, a leading Swedish provider of data-driven digitalization solutions, selected a highly scalable and modern file storage solution from HPE and Qumulo in order to store, structure, manage and quickly access unstructured data and 3D computer-generated images for its clients. This turned a technically demanding task into an automated process that increased both productivity and efficiency.

You can start taking advantage of your unstructured data immediately – if you have an intelligent, modern platform that’s up to the task.

HPE Apollo 4000 Systems is an agile, intelligent infrastructure that can store and help you derive value from the masses of data you’re collecting. Working together with our ecosystem of partners, HPE has leveraged Apollo to develop efficient solutions for managing unstructured data.

In Sandeep Singh’s recent CIO article, he walks you through current IDC predictions for data growth, and makes a case for why you might need to rethink your data storage architecture.

Businesses today are data driven. HPE Storage experts provide actionable, real-world solutions for digital transformation in this eBook: Unleash the Power of Your Data with an Intelligent Data Platform .

Ronak Chokshi
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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