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It’s here: high-availability peace of mind for HP 3PAR StoreServ


Matt_Morrissey.jpegBy Matthew Morrissey, 3PAR Product Marketing Manager, HP Storage


At HP Discover Las Vegas, HP announced the only 6-Nines data availability guarantee program in the storage market – across enterprise, midrange and all-flash arrays. In case you missed it, here are all the details in this week's 3PAR Thursday blog.


What is our guarantee?

Deploy any new four-node or more HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000, 7400, or All-flash 7450 Storage system and follow the best practices outlined in the Get 6-Nines Guarantee Program and HP will guarantee* 99.9999% data availability. If your data availability drops below 99.9999%, then HP will extend your existing mission-critical support contract by 3 months for FREE.


How do we measure availability?

Traditional storage vendors and first-generation flash providers often promote their Tier-1 storage system as delivering “5-nines” or 99.999% uptime, but suffering any amount of lost data access can have a significant impact on your revenue, reputation, and customer retention.


You know that old saying. . .  time is money!

As you can see, the difference between 5x9s and 6x9s availability is 283 seconds. While that may seem pretty insignificant, here’s what 283 seconds of downtime represent in today’s world:

And just 5 minutes of downtime from Google in August 2013 resulted in a 40% drop in local Internet traffic. What would happen to your business if your mission-critical applications were unavailable for over 280 seconds at the wrong time?


What is the real cost of downtime?

I hate answering "it depends," but that's the truth. So much depends on the organization, the industry, the duration of the downtime, the number of people impacted and so on. Here’s Gartner’s take: “While there is no magic answer to how much impact downtime will have on your business, current industry surveys have shown that the average enterprise estimates that there is an impact of approximately $5,600.00 for every minute of unplanned downtime in their primary computing environment.”+


While this is an interesting data point, I’d argue it’s not only about dollars and sense. Reputation, customer retention, employee satisfaction and overall confidence can be shaken by even a short outage.


Take, for example, the two-hour New York Times outage on August 14, 2013. While two hours might not seem like much, in the middle of a news-heavy weekday, it made a lasting impression. The stock dropped, Twitter exploded and the Wall Street Journal dropped its paywall to try and capture readers. In this case, I argue the biggest impact of downtime was not the drop in stock price, but the loss of confidence and loss of competitive advantage.


How can HP 3PAR StoreServ offer this guarantee program?

HP 3PAR StoreServ offers a unique set of proven technologies that are key to delivering high availability (HA) and mission-critical resilience for multi-tenant cloud and ITaaS environments.




Get 6-Nines Guarantee Program helps eliminate boundaries

As I mentioned earlier, the HP 3PAR StoreServ Get 6-Nines Guarantee Program is supported across the entire 3PAR StoreServ portfolio. Whether this allows you to confidently consolidate costly legacy storage systems on a 3PAR StoreServ 10000, expand the deployment of mission-critical applications on a 3PAR StoreServ 7400, or accelerate application performance on a 3PAR StoreServ 7450, you’ll get peace of mind knowing your data will be available wherever it is stored!


Don’t miss this: FREE high availability storage assessment

If you’re interested in learning how to bulletproof your storage, the first step is to contact your local account team for a free high availability assessment to:

  • Review storage HA best practices – from adapters to multi-pathing to zoning
  • Learn about HP 3PAR StoreServ high-availability technology and features
  • Ensure proper array sizing to minimize data access and performance impacts
  • Discover how to perform ongoing management of high-availability while responding to IT changes

Learn more about the 6-Nines Guarantee and sign up for a FREE assessment.


For even more info on the 6-Nines Guarantee: Check out this blog on Proving HP 3PAR Tier-1 with a 99.9999% high availability guarantee and ChalkTalk from my colleague HPStorageGuy:






*Subject to qualification and compliance with the Get 6-Nines Guarantee Program Terms and Conditions, which your HP Sales or Channel Partner Representative will provide.

+Source: Gartner Report; Ensure Cost Balances Out With Risk in High-Availability Data Centers (Published: 11 February 2013).


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The get 6 nines link doesn't work  -


(An Unexpected Error has occurred.Your request failed. We recommend you open a Lithium Support Case and provide the date and time you received the error and this Exception ID: 36EE3F05.)


I'll ask again for vertical clustering in a 4-node 3PAR 7000 series. You can lose a disk shelf with cage availability but there is no cage availability for a controller "shelf". It should be easy to do.


Is mission critical support required for get six nines? The official website doesn't sound promising.


"Deploy any 4-node+ HP 3PAR StoreServ system, and HP will guarantee 99.9999% availability. If your availability drops below 99.9999%, HP will provide issue resolution per the terms of your support contract for FREE."


HP providing issue resolution for "free" for a contract that I paid for in advance. Of course that level of support is expected regardless of this new gaurantee.


(3PAR customer for 8 years)


Thanks, Nate, for letting us know about the broken link.

It seems to be working now.

You can always find out more about this guarantee program


Hi Nate,


Thanks for the comment... always love hearing from long time 3PAR customers.  Yes - per the terms and conditions - a mission critical (or equivalent) support contract is required to qualify for the program.  In the event availability drops below 99.9999%, HP will provide 3 additional months of mission critical (or equivalent) support.

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