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Looking for Ultra-Low Latency and Affordable SAN Infrastructure for Flash-Based Storage?



SAN performance with enterprise functionality versus affordability. Think this is a paradox? Think again! Affordable SAN modernization with flash-ready performance starts now with HPE StoreFabricStoreFabric_SN3600B_ blog.jpg SN3600B Gen6 32Gb entry FC switch. Take a look now!

Flash storage technology has proven to be one of the most disruptive forces in the marketplace since the widespread adoption of virtualization. The introduction and proliferation of virtualization created new industry benchmarks for performance. Server virtualization delivered great benefits with more efficient server utilization and longer life for legacy applications. However, the aggregate workload, density increased on a single physical server have lead to performance bottlenecks in storage. The lower latencies of flash have proven to be effective. Given the ease of management, flash storage has won the hearts and minds of enterprise customers.

The evolution of data center technologies is accelerating

The rapid adoption of all-flash storage and the anticipated introduction of Purley-based servers helps drive this acceleration. Soon we will have mind-boggling numbers for VM densities and applications demanding significantly lower-latency. IDC suggests that the External Enterprise FC SAN storage capacity will grow at a CAGR of 22% from 2015-2020 with an almost flat market growth. All-flash storage arrays continue to be the bright spot with projected CAGR of 21% as they continue to make headway into data centers.

First to market with Gen6 32Gb FC SAN switch: HPE StoreFabric SN3600B

With growth comes the increasing pressure of affordability – especially for SMB and smaller enterprise SAN customers. To address this concern, HPE is first to market with an entry-level Gen6 32 Gb FC SAN switch that is designed to build a flash-ready performance infrastructure with no compromise in enterprise functionality and Gen5 16Gb FC affordability.HPE StoreFabric SN3600B FC Switch.jpg


With 8-to-24 ports, the HPE StoreFabric SN3600B FC switch features 32Gb links in an ultra-dense 1U format. It provides exceptional price-performance benefit and is supremely easy to manage. It future-proofs by seamlessly integrating with flash-storage fabrics that will utilize NVMe over Fibre Channel for latency sensitive applications and it is backward compatible with three generations of fibre channel for your investment protection. 

HPE StoreFabric SN3600B 32Gb FC switch increases performance for demanding workloads across 32 Gbps line-speed links with 2x the aggregate bandwidth 768Gbps and up to 20% lower latency 900ns with forward error correction (FEC) as compared to Gen5. This breakthrough performance speeds up response time for data-intensive applications, allows more transactions in less time and enables IT managers to meet their SLAs like never before.

The switch offers a scalable FC SAN solution with 8-port or 24-ports in 8-port increments (with optional 8-port upgrade LTUs) configurations can be configured with either 16Gb and or 32Gb SFP+ optics depending on your IT and budget requirements.

Operational simplicity, easy setup

HPE StoreFabric SN3600B 32Gb FC switch provides operational simplicity with an EZSwitchSetup application in as little as three easy steps. 

We sweeten the pot for HPE 3PAR all-flash storage and StoreFabric infrastructure with our unique HPE Smart SAN for 3PAR software. We’ve developed a fibre channel standards-based software approach by implementing automatic target-driven peer zoning in an end-to-end solution with partners Brocade, Broadcom and Cavium.

HPE StoreFabric redefined SAN ease of use through a centralized target-based software-defined storage networking framework that is protocol agnostic. HPE Smart SAN for 3PAR also facilitates easier network troubleshooting faster by collecting various metrics from (StoreFabric B-series Gen6 switches and FC HBA) devices.  

3PAR StoreServ storage automatically orchestrates host provisioning (tedious SAN zoning) in minutes, not hours. HPE also supports VM Insight Software with its StoreFabric PowerPack+ software to optimize VM workloads as well as overall SAN health and performance to ensure service levels objectives within the fabric through end-to-end VM performance and behavior visibility. The switch is available with pre-bundled HPE Power Pack+ Software (not available in Gen5 or Gen4) for customers looking for enhanced monitoring of SAN health.

Watch the video for all the details on the StoreFabric SN3600B Gen6 32Gb FC Switch.

Time to make the switch

HPE is first to market with the HPE StoreFabric SN3600B Gen 6 32GB FC switch that delivers affordable flash-ready performance at Gen5 prices – with operational simplicity and no compromise in enterprise functionality. It’s built to seamlessly accommodate NVMe over Fibre Channel too when that ecosystem comes in play, not bad for a 24-port switch. The HPE SN3600B packs a punch and should be foundational for smaller SANs in the data center, private cloud storage, virtualized environments and all flash storage. Data center modernization with faster fabric infrastructure just became truly affordable, so that begs the question: Isn’t now the time to really switch?

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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Ankit Jain, Sr. Product Manager, HPE Storage.




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