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Looking for peace of mind when it comes to data protection?


See how the right combination of flash storage and data protection can bring you more peace of mind—just like a good health insurance policy. 

Let's talk first about health insurance – yes, you heard that right, health insurance! (No, I haven’t started working in the insurance sector. Yes, I still work in the storagdata protection peace of mind.jpge group here at HPE.) But stay with me for a bit, for when customers invest in a data protection solution, it really is similar to buying a health insurance for their business. No one gets excited about insurance (especially health insurance), just as no one is excited talking about data protection strategy. But it is necessary to ensure that your company has reliable access to critical data whenever they need it. The ability to rapidly access and recover data after a disaster is crucial.

Having an adequate health insurance will ensure your peace of mind, and similarly we at HPE are in the business of ensuring peace of mind when it comes to protecting your data. 

This week I’m going to share couple of blogs recently posted in Computerworld by Senior Manager Product Marketing Andrew Dickerson. (On Twitter: (@AndrewDickerso6) Andrew talks about how you can save up to $1Million with the right data protection strategy—and eliminate risk by assessing your current backup strategy

Let me highlight my favorite parts of these two blogs.

Data protection optimimzed for flash storage.jpgFirst: How to Save $1 Million with Data Protection Optimized for Flash

    • From more than 1400 customer assessments, we’ve found that more than one-third of the organizations participating have backup failure rates of more than 2%. This may not sound much, but what if your data is in that 2%? What’s also quite shocking is that more than 51% of organizations had backup jobs that lasted more than four days. Think about it.
    • Gartner has determined that the cost of protecting 1TB of data averages $1260 a year. Let’s say you have 100TB of data. Gartner projects the growth of that data will run between 15% and 40%, depending on the data type over the next five years. If we simply look ahead over that five years, you’ll need to spend three times as much on your storage budget just to keep pace with the growth you’ll experience. It’s money you have to spend, there is no way around it.
    • Our converged data protection solution integrated with all-flash 3PAR StoreServ Storage and coupled with our StoreOnce data protection and deduplication solution can give you that $1million in savings. With our integrated solution, you achieve up to 17-times faster backups with 5x faster restores and spend hundreds of thousands dollars less in the process. 

And next: Assessments show customers what really happens when they back up their data Assessments for data backup checkups.jpg

  • Each and every month, we conduct about 50 assessments with our Ninja-Protected Backup Analyzer, a software tool that collects information about a customer’s backup processes. The assessments, which are part of our backup, recovery and archive solutions program, are essentially a health check on the customer’s storage environment.
  • More than half the customers assessed had backups that took more than 96 hours to complete. That’s more than four days! What’s being done with the data that continues to pour in over that four-day window? What if there is a failure three-and-a-half days in? Those long windows can be dangerous to the success of your backups. It is eye-opening, actually. The assessments also show that about 10% of customer backups take more than 192 hours. That’s more than a week!
  • We’ve met with a lot of customers who hold on to data for unlimited periods. In fact, more than 40% keep their data 366 days or longer. What does this mean? It means a big chunk of the organization’s assessed back-up is data you’ll never use. We ask a lot of customers: Is it a business requirement? Did it happen by chance? Many say they hang on to the data just in case, thinking “I might need it in the future, so I don’t delete it just in case I get sued, or in case I might need to restore it.”
  • We’ve worked with many customers who are shocked by what we uncover in their assessment. At first, they want to refute the findings, but once they investigate on their own, they see confirmation of what’s been uncovered. Then they begin finding ways to improve the situation.

So isn’t it time you had confidence in your data?

We hope you never need to restore from StoreOnce but just like any good health insurance policy, we’ll be there in the background making sure data is covered should there be a need.

Watch and learn more

If you want to learn more about StoreOnce and converged data protection solution, my preferred approach is by watching an animated ChalkTalk created by my social media savvy colleague Calvin Zito, @HPEStorageGuy. These short videos explain specific features or complex technology concepts in a quick, easy way.

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Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HPE Storage. Connect on Twitter: @ashwinkshetty



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