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MSA Storage Best Practice Videos for Upgrading Controller, Expansion Module, and Drive Firmware


Days ago we just released the third video in a three-part series around MSA firmware update best practices.  This thirdHPE MSA Storage controller update.jpg video is focused on the best practice for updating MSA drive firmware.  In case you missed the first two videos, let me do a short recap.

MSA Best Practices Video Part 1Controller Firmware -  This video covered the different ways to query the running firmware on an MSA using the Storage Management Utility (SMU) and the Command Line Interface (CLI).   You then were introduced to the new MSA Firmware Portal ( where you can download the current MSA firmware.  Finally, the video runs through how to use the Smart Component to do an online firmware update. 

MSA Best Practices Video Part 2: Expansion Module Firmware - This video covered how to query all of your expansion module firmware and update using the Smart Components that are also found on the MSA Firmware Portal (

MSA Best Practices Video Part 3: Drive Firmware - This final video in the series is focused on updating drive firmware on MSA.   Where the controller and expansion module firmware can be updated online, MSA drive firmware must be done offline with no host activity.   Like the other MSA firmware, it is recommended to use the Smart Components for drive firmware which can be found on

Remember to maximize your MSA uptime it is important to keep the MSA firmware up-to-date.   For the latest MSA firmware versions, please visit:

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