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Make 2021 the year to unleash the power of your data

Businesses today are data driven. No matter where your business is on your transformational journey, the right strategy backed with the Intelligent Data Platform from HPE can enable you to unleash the power of your data.

IDP-2021-strategy2-blog-TW-LI.pngWe are fast approaching the end of 2020 — I truly can’t believe it. On both home and business fronts, one thing that this past year has reinforced is that we are resilient. No matter what new challenges we were presented, like working from home or remote learning, we found ways to adapt and succeed. At the same time, businesses continued to strive to accelerate revenue, reimagine customer experiences, improve operational efficiency and speed innovation. If one thing is clear, it’s that data is the lifeblood of every organization, and is the key to unlocking digital transformation.

As we transition into a new year, it’s a perfect time to consider what else you can do to help your business unleash the power of your data. For many, it’s about becoming more data driven. 

What does it mean to be data driven?

Being data driven means you’re able to accelerate apps, so data is always-on and always-fast. It means data is ingested and served with consistency and speed. As you face new threats and challenges, it means data is protected, stored, archived and recoverable — all as you enable the business to reap value from it. It also means data is agile, nimble enough to move and be accessed, on-premises and off-premises, enabling hybrid cloud. Data is accessible at the edge, even when resources are scarce or locations are remote, all in a way that’s simple and efficient, helping to power your edge. And your innovators are empowered to use data to unlock insights that help propel your business forward.

Yet as every IT organization knows, while you may aim to use data to accelerate transformation, there are obstacles that could prevent you from unlocking the value and agility of your data. These include IT complexity that holds you back, constant IT firefighting that is a drain on productivity, and data silos that limit agility – all as you strive to free IT to focus more on areas that drive innovation.

Becoming data driven is a tall order – but it’s not out of reach.

Unleash the power of data with the Intelligent Data Platform from HPE

The right strategy backed with an intelligent data platform can enable you to unleash the power of your data. That’s where HPE can help. The Intelligent Data Platform from HPE is AI-driven, built for cloud, and delivered as-a-service, giving you an ideal platform for accelerating apps, modernizing data protection, enabling hybrid cloud, powering your edge, or unlocking insights with AI and analytics. No matter where you are on your transformational journey – we’re here to help you every step of the way.

As you set the course for 2021, prepare with a quick read of Sandeep Singh’s recent article. The HPE VP of Storage Marketing provides 4 tips to put on your short list as you look for the right platform and partner to make your intelligent data strategy a reality.

Alternatively, if you want to know what makes up an intelligent data strategy, learn about the value of the Intelligent Data Platform from HPE, or find new ways to unlock the value and agility of your data, I encourage you to read the eBook we just published, or attend our latest webinar.

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Andy DeBernardis, Worldwide Storage Portfolio Marketing Manager, leads the HPE Intelligent Data Platform messaging, strategy, campaign and content development. Andy has been with HPE for almost 15 years covering worldwide roles including hybrid cloud and software-defined solutions marketing, cloud sales enablement, software partner marketing, and vertical solutions marketing.



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