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Making life easier for VMware admins: fast, simple, reliable data protection for your VMs


Anidrudh.jpegBy Anirudh S. Srinivasan, Worldwide Product Manager, HP Storage


You are a VMware admin. You are tasked with the responsibility of managing, administrating as well as protecting the virtual infrastructure of your organization. Let’s focus on the last part here – data protection of your virtual machines (VMs). Traditionally, data protection of application data used to be the responsibility of dedicated backup admins, but increasingly, VMware admins are tasked with or sometimes prefer to own the responsibility of protecting VMs as well.

Back in December 2013 at Discover in Barcelona, we introduced the concept of Converged Data Protection with the announcement of the Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software with the RMC for VMware functionality. This automated, non-intrusive software integrates HP 3PAR StoreServ primary storage and HP StoreOnce Backup and combines the simplicity and performance of snapshots with the reliability and cost effective retention of deduplicated backups for converged data protection. 

RMC allows application admins a fast, simple, efficient and reliable way to protect their application data, giving them more control over data protection and recovery than ever before. The first version at launch, RMC 1.0, provides application integration with VMware. Using Recovery Manager Central for VMware (RMC-V) functionality, admins can automatically schedule the creation of application-consistent snapshots (for Microsoft VSS-compatible apps) and crash-consistent snapshots (for all other applications) of VMware VMDKs and datastores on the 3PAR StoreServ array, as well as schedule backups to be created on StoreOnce. 

Get the details: how Recovery Manager Central makes your life as a VMware admin easier RMC.JPG

Efficient non-intrusive data protection of VMware VMs

RMC’s unique Express Protect feature enables the flat backup of data from 3PAR StoreServ arrays to StoreOnce Backup appliances. This innovative flat backup approach removes the application server and backup server from the data path, thus eliminating any performance impact on the application. SRMC Express Protect leverages 3PAR StoreServ SnapDiff technology to ensure that only changed blocks are sent to the StoreOnce Backup system. This makes the data protection process more efficient, thus eliminating any performance impact on the application server, allowing your organization to focus on the business at hand.

Faster backup and recovery of VMs

By virtue of this efficient means of data transfer, every Express Protect backup completes at the speed of an incremental, but is stored as a synthetic full backup. This makes application recovery faster and more efficient. Internal tests reveal flat backup with RMC Express Protect to be 17x faster than traditional backup methods. Get your VMs back online faster and minimize the impact of downtime on your production environment.

Reliable recovery of VMs

RMC delivers assured recovery of application-consistent recovery points with flexible recovery options. Recover from snapshots created on 3PAR StoreServ over an extended history of recovery points or restore from backups on StoreOnce. Each StoreOnce backup is a self-contained synthetic-full image that can be used to restore to the original or a different StoreServ array, even if the original base volume on StoreServ is completely lost. This level of data protection cannot be obtained using Snapshots alone. And it allows you to meet even aggressive SLAs and tighter RPO/RTO requirements.

Simplified data protection of VMs

RMC-V is integrated with the VMware vCenter Server Virtualization management console for centralized and simplified control. VMware administrators can create, schedule and manage virtual machine (VM) snapshots on 3PAR StoreServ from within VMware vCenter. Simply select the VM, right click and create a snapshot and/or backup to StoreOnce. You can restore individual VMs or data stores from StoreOnce to either the original 3PAR volume or a snapshot of 3PAR volume or to another 3PAR array. The creation of both 3PAR snapshots and StoreOnce backups can be scheduled from within vCenter itself.

Lower TCO for data protection of VMs

RMC uses an array-based approach that leverages HP 3PAR StoreServ Virtual Copy feature to create highly space-efficient snapshots without the use of separate agents installed on individual virtual machines. RMC also lets you utilize lower cost StoreOnce backup as a tier for backup retention. And all backups are de-duplicated using StoreOnce technology, thus reducing backup storage requirements by up to 20x on average.

Get caught up on RMC

This post was written before HPE came into existence as a result of the HP separation.  You can get caught on on RMC by looking at all RMC related posts on ATSB


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