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Manage your multicloud environment with new Veeam Instance Licensing


Veeam_Graphic400_267.jpgTransform the way you realize your multicloud strategy with new portable, flexible subscription licensing from Veeam.

We hear it all too frequently that environments are transforming. And it’s true, hybrid cloud adoption is up 3x in the last year from 19% to 57% and the amount of backups in the cloud is estimated to rise to 23% in 2020*. We also know that the management of hybrid environments can be complex, with myriad licensing structures across multiple products for multiple environments creating an element of confusion. 

Software licensing got your head in a spin?!

Here’s good news to bring an end to any confusion: the next generation of subscription licensing from HPE and Veeam is now available. Veeam Instance Licensing (VIL) allows you to use a Element of Confusion.jpgsingle type of licensing across all workloads—physical, VMware, Hyper-V and AWS, on premises and across public clouds, with no additional cost. 

Now let’s take a step back. In the past, every Veeam product was assigned its own license file, but with specific counters inside dependent on the workload. By default, this introduced an element of license sprawl across multiple products and environments and became increasingly complex with the mix of hybrid environments we explained at the beginning. By contrast, the introduction of the industry’s first Veeam Instance Licensing provides a single instance/single license that is portable and flexible across Veeam products and workloads with the new Veeam Availability 9.5 Update 4.

What is meant by the word portable?

Licenses are moved automatically when workloads are moved between platforms, meaning you can realize your multi-cloud strategy with no additional licenses, associated costs, or complexity.

Simple I heard you say?!

Yes! No more head spinning! You can centrally manage a single pool of instance licenses. Workload-specific licenses are no longer needed.

Free yourself from legacy licensing.

Instance licensing is both workload and cloud-agnostic, meaning you can benefit from a cloud-consumption model with no license lock-in if you’re using legacy workloads. Instance licensing also makes protecting and restoring backups to cloud environments even easier and avoids additional fees that other vendors may charge

Reap the benefits of flexible consumption.

Reuse instead of buying new and reduce your CapEx costs with this new, simple subscription VIL model.

Check out the table here to see the HPE products that will utilize this new VIL model.Veeam Licensing for HPE Resell Products.jpg

Veeam licensing for HPE resell products

But don’t panic, if you are already using Veeam subscription licensing, your account will be updated to the new VIL model when you upgrade to Update 4 or renew your contract, at no additional cost.  Note: Perpetual licensing is still an option for on premises deployments.

So while we hope to have educated you on the new VIL offerings from HPE and Veeam, we aElement of Surprise.jpglso hope to have turned that element of licensing confusion into an element of surprise when you see how easy the new Veeam Instance Licensing approach really is.

Please check the Quickspec for further details and be sure to visit the new HPE + Veeam Digital Resource Hub designed to collate all the Intelligent Data Management solutions under one roof, to help make your solution search as easy and efficient as possible. 

Also, while you’re here, why not watch our new joint whiteboard video to learn more about the benefits of using HPE and Veeam solutions and an overview of our joint focus areas for 2019.

* Forbes 2017, State of Cloud Adoption and Security ESG 2018 Data Protection Landscape Report, October 2018

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