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Managing more with less with HPE StoreEver Command View 5.0


HPE StoreEver Command View for Tape Libraries (CVTL) 5.0 software now delivers a simpler, more intuitive interface to manage HPE StoreEver tape storage libraries to help your organisation manage more with less.

More data is being protected and retained on tape than ever before. But the budgets and resources to manage that data—throughout its lifecycle—are not keeping pace. Managing your tape infrastructure in an efficient way that reduces risk, contains cost and improves productivity has neverTape storage management StoreEver Blog.jpg been more important.

HPE StoreEver tape software delivers the most advanced yet simplified approach to tape library management available today. Designed exclusively for HPE tape libraries, StoreEver software reduces risk by proactively and predictively managing the health of your entire tape environment. It improves ROI by optimising current tape resource utilisation and future investment. And it enhances productivity with automated, centralised management and easy-to-use reporting.

Let’s take a closer look at how HPE StoreEver tape software can help your organisation manage more with less.

HPE Command View for Tape Libraries

The nerve centre for the HPE Tape management software suite is HPE Command View for Tape Libraries (CVTL). Command View enables you to simply and quickly access and manage every HPE library in your environment—from a single web-based pane of glass—wherever you are in the world.

The recently released HPE StoreEver Command View for Tape Libraries 5.0 software delivers a new HTML 5 based GUI. When you are using HPE ESL G3, MSL6480, MSL2024, MSL4048 & 1/8 G2 Autoloaders, you now have a more intuitive, functional and simpler interface to manage their tape libraries.

HPE StoreEver Command View TLJ.jpg

HPE Tape Assure

Tightly integrated within Command View is HPE StoreEver Tape Assure, an advanced and scalable analytics application that improves the performance, reliability and ROI of your tape infrastructure.  

Tape Assure captures and analyses an unparalleled quality and quantity of health metrics. This allows you to proactively and predictively monitor the performance, health and utilization of every tape cartridge, drive and library in your infrastructure. It combines an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard with advanced analytics. This lets you identify and prevent potential drive and media failures before they occur. It also pinpoints performance bottlenecks and load balancing issues. Plus it helps you plan future investments based on actual drive and media utilization.

HPE StoreEver Command View TL featuresJ.jpg

HPE Data Verification Software

Tape Assure protects you from data integrity issues on cartridges that are actively being used in production operations. But how can you feel confident that the data stored on an infrequently or never accessed tape cartridge will be available and retrievable when needed?

You have to ensure that your business-critical data can be read for recovery, compliance, or monetization purposes. You therefore need an efficient way to protect inactive data stored on tape over long periods of time.

HPE StoreEver Data Verification software provides the ability to periodically scan archive or disaster recovery tapes to validate media readability and data integrity. By proactively identifying potential media errors before a failure occurs, data verification lets you actively migrate data to known quality media. Data verification is automated and policy based and scans tapes as a background process without interrupting host applications.

HPE Data Verification is fully integrated with Command View and Tape Assure.  Together these applications enable the integrity and accessibility of business-critical data stored on tape media throughout its lifecycle.

Data Verification ResultsJ.jpg

Nothing matters more than your data.

So protect and preserve it today with HPE StoreEver tape software and libraries—the seriously smart yet easy-to-use solution for tape library management.

Watch and learn more about HPE StoreEver tape storage

HPE StoreEver MSL6480

HPE StoreEver ESL G3 with LTO07



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