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Meeting Video Surveillance Workload Demands from Edge to Core



At HPE, we offer edge-to-core solutions to help you address the challenging video surveillance workload for distributed architecture – with HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage with File Persona at the edge and HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING at the core. 

Without question, the video surveillance industry is fast growing. In fact, according to a new report from IHS Technology, the growth rate is twice that of the IT market rate.

Surveillance devices and systems are undergoing huge enhancements. Use of conventional storage Storage 3PAR_edge to core video surveillance_blog.jpgsystems that are not optimized for surveillance systems can not help you get the maximum out of your infrastructure or meet your requirements.

To address the changing surveillance data needs of organizations. HPE has built and continues to develop, validate, and document a robust portfolio of surveillance solutions and an extensive partner ecosystem.

Taking a closer look at the video surveillance workload

The video surveillance workload is broken into two types of architectures – centralized or distributed models. Both architectures have their advantages depending on the infrastructure being supported.

Distributed architectures: These typically support several hundred IP cameras, with storage systems local to the cameras and then periodically transfer the digital data set to the central platform. This allows for greater functionality and processing without heavy network requirements. storing data locally at the distributed sites allows for easy integration with video analytics applications. This model is commonly used for city surveillance and transportation.

Centralized architectures: These are best suited to organizations where scale is the primary consideration. This model is ommonly used by schools, federal/government organizations, airports and energy companies.

For example, centralized surveillance architectures typically has thousands of surveillance cameras and are able to support large amounts of surveillance data

Going edge to core

At HPE, we offer edge-to-core solutions to help you address the challenging video surveillance workload for distributed architecture.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage with File Persona meets the high-performance requirements near to camera – at the edge for a highly distributed video surveillance environments. It is flash-optimized unified storage that enables the easy provisioning of block volumes on high-performance SSDs for the recording of camera feeds and adjacent file shares on high-capacity NL HDDs for the economic archiving of the recorded videos.

HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING is a simple, scalable, economical storage solution built on HPE Apollo 4510 offers a maximum density optimized with up to 544 TB of storage in a single 4U chassis for managing and sharing surveillance assets at the core.HPE Storage video surveillance edge to core.JPG
Learn some more

Dig deeper into the topic with this video surveillance white paper on HPE 3PAR StoreServ with File Persona and Milestone XProtect.


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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Vivek Pamadi, Senior Product Manager, HPE Storage.






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This blog misses the point of HPE components and solutions for both the Distributed and Centralized solutions for Video surveillance.

You have the HPE networking family providing POE+ to the Camera's, door locks, access cards, Kiosks and the Servers with SAS storage available in the distributed solution.


Netriggen - appreciate that you wanted or expected to see a broader overall solution view.  However, this is "Around the Storage Block" and the experts we have are focused on the storage bits of solutions.  I was at an event recently where we had a booth for 3PAR and XP7 (XP Disk Array) solutions for video surveillance and customers were very engaged to learn more about storage for the solution. They saw it was a storage demo and didn't seem upset by the fact that our storage experts didn't talk about HPE networking pieces of a solution.

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