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Microsoft Window Server 2016 and HPE Storage Solutions: Open the Door to a New Era of IT - Part 1


Windows Server 2016 provides a number of new features and solutions for changing business demands—with innovation across storage-defined compute, data storage and networking.

PART 1: A window seat view to innovative history at work

As a Microsoft Global Technology Partner across storage, servers, networking and technology services, HPE enables you to successfully deploy Microsoft Windows Server 2016 soHPE Storage Microsoft Windows Server_blog.jpglutions and take advantage of flexibility and advantages we offerand that includes our storage portfolio. In this two-part blog series, we will walk you through some of the newest features in Windows Server 2016, and discuss the value HPE and Microsoft can bring to your business.

Although Windows Server 2016 is arguably the most compelling iteration of Microsoft’s industry-leading software solution, the Windows Server history can be traced all the way back to 1993 with the release of the first 32-bit Windows NT server operating system.* To celebrate their latest version, Microsoft has launched an interactive microsite that chronicles the rich history and legacy of Windows Server. History is a great teacher, and as such, each era of Windows Server solutions signals not only a shift in technology and innovation but also a shift in the way businesses utilize their IT infrastructure.

  • Server for the Masses Era 1996-2000
  • Enterprise Era: 2000-2007
  • Data Center Era: 2009-2013
  • Cloud for the Masses Era: 2016

Welcome to the cloud for the masses era

The Windows Server 2016 platform is at the forefront of a phase Microsoft refers to as the “Cloud for the Masses Era.” In this era, data aggregation, data insight and IoT (internet of things) applications have all become the norm—making connectivity and cloud enablement critical.  And as such, it's no surprise that whatever the size of your business—SMB or enterprise—you have most likely come to recognize the importance of shortening time to market, maximizing IT investments and positioning those investments to maintain competitive advantage.

Whether your organization is fully virtualized, or whether you are gradually moving toward hybrid cloud infrastructure, Windows Server 2016 enhancements offer the best of both worlds. The new features and enhancements are broadly segregated into three core categories or pillars:

  • Safeguarded data—Protect data across devices and apps, onsite or in the cloud, helping you mitigate risk and quickly recover from unplanned business disruption.
  • Improved IT efficiency—Maximize IT investment with leading-edge enterprise tools.
  • Cloud enablement—Features are designed to work synergistically with Microsoft Azure and HPE storage solutions, Windows Server 2016 enabling an ideal solution for exploring or building a hybrid-cloud environment.

When combined, these enhancements offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive solutions for server operating systems.

In our next blog, we’ll go into a bit more detail with the specific features in Windows Server 2016 that make HPE Storage Solutions and Microsoft the ideal choice to help you accelerate your business goals. Stay tuned.

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Read the second post in this blog series: Microsoft Window Server 2016 and HPE Storage Solutions: Open the Door to a New IT Era – Part 2 to learn more about what you should know about Windows Server 2016 storage and how paring Windows Server with HPE can enhance these features.

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20 Years of Windows Server Product History


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The famous american server. It is amazing that 80% of the 93 system is still original. 

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