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Microsoft Window Server 2016 and HPE Storage Solutions: Open the Door to a New IT Era – Part 2



Here’s Part 2 of our discussion on how Windows Server 2016 provides new features and solutions for changing business demands—with innovation across storage-defined compute, data storage and networking. Check out Part 1 too.

PART 2: What you should know about Windows Server 2016 storage and how paring Windows Server with HPE can enhance these features.

As businesses become more complex and diversified—and as markets becoHPE Storage Microsoft Windows Serer Part 2_blog.jpgme more competitive, maintaining competitive advantage presents a unique challenge. In order to shorten time to market and improve productivity and efficiency, your organization must remain nimble and agile.

At HPE, we get it. With shrinking IT budgets, you need resiliency, simplicity and affordability. The HPE and Microsoft partnership is based on a synergistic blend of market leadership and innovative technology. For more than 30 years, we have worked together to create comprehensive solutions that simplify Windows Server Environments, while simultaneously reducing TCO and maximizing your IT investment.

With HPE storage products, you can dramatically reduce administration time to provision infrastructure and applications, to a matter of minutes.

 Need to support unpredictable mixed workloads with resiliency to faults and service disruptions? With HPE and the OEM edition of Windows Server 2016, you can fully take advantage of deduplication and thin technologies to ensure you are getting the most out of your storage capacity.

Take a closer look at the latest Windows Server 2016 features.

Quality of Service (QoS): With QoS, you can have more control and predictable performance. This feature provides a way to centrally monitor and manage storage performance for virtual machines using Hyper-V and the Scale-Out File Server roles. HPE storage can group volumes in a set and define QoS for “applications”, or for a set of servers/ virtual machines (VMs). We can also help you optimize Windows Server features for the most ideal solution.

Storage Spaces Direct: This feature uses standard servers with shared direct attached storage drives, including flash solid-state drives, to create converged or hyper-converged storage architectures. As an HPE and Microsoft customer, you have a choice of solutions to deploy software-defined storage with Storage Spaces Direct as well as with HPE StoreVirtual VSA. StoreVirtual VSA provides a simple, resilient Network Raid for a software-defined storage solution. You can learn more about Microsoft and HPE SDS solutions in this recently published paper: Implementing Windows Server 2016 Software Defined Storage using HPE ProLiant Servers, Storage, and Options

Cloud Witness: Cloud Witness enables storage-agnostic, block-level synchronous replication between servers or clusters for disaster recovery. For new and existing HPE 3PAR Cluster Extension and 3PAR Peer Persistence customers, Microsoft offers a new choice with cluster quorum configurations that can save our joint customers significant costs for data center/site management.

Virtual Machine Storage Resiliency: This new Hyper-V capability enables a VM to detect when storage access fails. It allows a “freeze” of the VM in a good state if the connection or cables between the servers and the storage drop or break. HPE 3PAR StoreServ uses Persistent Ports, which switches paths automatically and is therefore already managed. With this Windows Server feature customers can have an additional OS level solution in case all connections fail.

Simplified SMB Multichannel and Multi-NIC Cluster Networks: With this feature network configuration is automatic and every NIC on the subnet can be used for cluster and workload traffic. This feature complements HPE 3PAR File Server and HPE StoreEasy for easier management and configuration flexibility.

HPE Storage and Microsoft System Center 2016: HPE storage arrays integrate tightly with Microsoft System Center 2016. This allows you to gain better visibility to your storage infrastructure and Windows Server 2016 environment. Center 2016 expands data center management capabilities, streamlines performance and workflows, and drives greater Linux support. With HPE storage and Microsoft System Center 2016 you can further simplify the management of your IT for better control of both the physical and virtual aspects of the storage infrastructure for your Windows Server 2016 environment.

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Read the first post in this blog series: Microsoft Window Server 2016 and HPE Storage Solutions: Open the Door to a New Era of IT - Part 1 for a window seat view to innovation at work.

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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Dinara Alieva, DCIG Microsoft Solutions Product Manager, HPE.






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