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Migrating to Windows Server 2012? Why you should keep storage in mind


Parissa.jpgBy Parissa Mohamadi, Microsoft Solution Manager, HP Storage Marketing


As you probably know, Microsoft is ending support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. This also means that after that, Microsoft will no longer provide automatic fixes, updates or online technical assistance.That’s a big deal – one that has major impact on companies of all sizes. And it begs a big question: Is yours one on of the companies with some of the estimated 9.1M physical servers still running Windows Server 2003 with many storage devices attached to them? If the answer is yes, it’s time to start planning now.


Keep storage in mind as you migrate

Windows2012.jpegAs you migrate to Windows Server 2012, you will also most likely want to upgrade your Microsoft applications, including Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint. And you might also consider virtualizing your entire environment with Microsoft Hyper-V. Here’s what you need to know: HP Converged Storage provides the foundation for an efficient, simple and agile Windows Server 2012 deployment running any Microsoft application.



Why HP Converged Storage?

Consider these 5 benefits:

  1. Simplify Exchange and SQL Server deployment and management with rapid storage provisioning and Exchange-aware and SQL-aware snapshots for recovery
  2. Scale seamlessly and non-disruptively – to deliver larger mailboxes for more users and to provide data growth headroom
  3. Deliver maximum storage availability, while alleviating the performance concerns of running mixed SQL Server workloads or running multiple SharePoint clients
  4. Save on storage costs by reducing upfront and ongoing capacity requirements by 50% and by delivering flexible QoS for Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint.
  5. Eliminate redundant SharePoint data and meet even the tightest backup and recovery windows.

Plan your migration path

If you currently run any of the HP storage arrays listed below in your Windows Server 2003 environment, we recommend that you upgrade your storage arrays this way:


And if you need better visibility to your storage infrastructure – including your health and capacity dashboard and diagrammatic views for logical and virtual components – keep in mind that migration to Windows Server 2012 enables you to take advantage of the tight integration of HP storage arrays with Microsoft System Center. So you can better manage both the physical and virtual aspects of the storage infrastructure for your Windows environment.


Why virtualize?

Here are 3 good reasons to consider virtualization of your Windows Server environment:

  1. Protect from unplanned downtime of your email, your database and your collaboration site through automated failover, built-in storage clustering capabilities and simple and efficient remote replication and disaster recovery.
  2. Increase storage cost savings by doubling VM density as you consolidate SQL Server database instances.
  3. Simplify storage management in your Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V deployment so you can spend up to 90% less time managing storage.

What’s more, if you choose to virtualize your Windows Server 2012 environment with HP storage arrays, the arrays are tightly integrated with Microsoft Hyper-V, making them easy to configure and manage.


Start planning your Windows Server 2003 migration NOW!

It’s time to make the exciting move to Windows Server 2012 and an enhanced storage infrastructure. Take advantage of higher performance, availability, manageability and flexibility for your Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint environments with HP storage solutions. And remember, there is not a better time to virtualize your Microsoft applications with Hyper-V with a virtualization-ready storage portfolio in order to optimize and save under your tight budget constraints.


Learn more

Get more information about the new HP storage products that will replace your current ones. And leverage our proven configurations and best practices for virtualizing your Microsoft environment. Head here to find out more: go to


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