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More of what intelligent storage is all about: HPE and Veeam enhance consumption-based storage

Intelligent storage can be delivered as a service, with cloud economics, elastic capacity, and simplified operation, all on premises. But what about backup?

HPE GreenLake Veeam_consumption based storage_blog.jpgData is at the core of almost everything we touch, build, or experience in today’s digital era. It’s the data—and the insights delivered by it—that differentiates the companies that succeed. Every organization has millions of sources and uses of data, all of it stored in block, file, or object storage.

Clearly, data is critical to the enterprise and without question it must be secure, reliable, and available. Today, storage needs to be more than the place where data lives so it can meet these ever-changing business dynamics and demands.

To gain insights from your data, you need to empower it and make it accessible. And of course, data must be protected—with backup, recovery, disaster recovery, and replication. Going forward, storage needs to be intelligent so you can unlock data’s potential. Here, I’ll be talking about how our as-a-service model is an important part of HPE’s approach to intelligent storage.

Diving in to the as-a-service experience

With eight years in the market and more than 500 PB under contract, HPE Greenlake has been delivering a cloud-like storage experience to our customers, so that you get what you need, and grow just ahead of your business—paying only for what they use.* HPE GreenLake has reached some impressive milestones as a leading consumption-based storage provider.

With HPE GreenLake, choose the storage technology to meet your specific needs. Block storage, file storage, database platform, and object storage are all available today with HPE GreenLake. Looking for all-flash or hybrid storage? You can easily choose HPE 3PAR StoreServ or HPE Nimble Storage systems.

Backup and more

Putting your data into a consumption-based model across the board delivers more speed and flexibility, lower costs with no capital up front, plus enterprise-grade support to take the “heavy lifting” out of IT operations.

To protect data, HPE GreenLake Backup offers on-premises backup with CommVault, via one simple monthly payment for TBs backed up. You can move to a modern, open-source database platform with HPE GreenLake Database with EDB Postgres and build your big data and analytics capability with HPE GreenLake Big Data.

Rapidly adding value rapidly adding value HPE Greenlake, extending even further with new partnerships

HPE and Veeam just announced a simple, robust consumption-based model that enables businesses to protect all the right data from any source for application development and digital services delivery. The Veeam Availability Platform coupled with the HPE reference architecture in the HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity solution brings an elastic solution with robust support and strong integration expertise.HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity with Veeam_as a service.jpg

Available globally, you can get started with Veeam and HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity quickly, with no up front outlay, and pay only for what you use.* Monthly charges adjust with usage, and HPE meters and plans capacity so that there is always extra capacity ready to meet customer needs.

What’s more, we are delivering HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING, a software-defined storage solution running on HPE Apollo 4000 systems. The HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING is platform is density optimized to allow organizations to seamlessly scale to petabytes and beyond in less physical space and without compromising data availability and durability—all in a consumption model that delivers the cloud-like object storage experience on premises or in a co-location.

At a time when data grows unpredictably—and when enterprises are more dependent than ever on data and insights gleaned from it, consumption-based storage with HPE GreenLake is the right model.

* Minimum commitment may apply

Meet Don Randall_HPE Pointnext.jpgAround the Storage Block guest blogger Don Randall, WW Marketing, HPE Pointnext. Don is a marketing executive for HPE’s consumption-based IT offer, HPE GreenLake. He has experience with a variety of technologies and services, most recently including hybrid cloud, storage, HPE Datacenter Care, and HPE GreenLake. He lives in the Seattle, WA area.



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