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Move from ‘cloud only’ to ‘cloud smart’ with HPE GreenLake and Scality

Businesses like yours need better and more cost-effective ways to manage growing data storage requirements. Deploy or repatriate data the “cloud smart” way with HPE GreenLake for Scality.

Despite widespread adoption of a multi-cloud approach, as cloud strategies mature, more and more companiesHPE-Scality-cloud-data-blog.png are rebalancing workloads across cloud services and repatriating some cloud-based workloads back on premises. In fact, 72% of IT decision makers now report they have brought some applications back on premises after moving them to the public cloud citing data security and privacy, performance issues, and high/unpredictable costs as their primary concerns.

If your IT organization is torn between “cloud first/cloud-only” and “traditional” IT, you might have already discovered that the answer lies somewhere in between. Digital transformation has entered a period of workload rebalancing, and organizations like yours are reevaluating how and where workloads are provisioned. To thrive in the digital era, your organization must become “cloud smart,” finding the right mix of cloud services that map to your business objectives.

"Cloud smart" object storage

Businesses that need to protect sensitive data or keep data sovereign require public cloud alternatives to secure their data on premises. HPE GreenLake for Scality provides a cloud experience with lower risks and lower costs. Scality S3 Object Storage, delivered and managed by HPE GreenLake Cloud Services, meets your needs for agile, scalable storage, accelerates on-prem cloud services, and lets you retain data sovereignty.

HPE GreenLake enables any of Scality's mission-critical object storage workloads to be delivered and managed as a service, shifting the focus away from managing infrastructure to creating value with data. In control of your own unstructured data, you increase insight for that data at any scale, anywhere, without vendor lock-in. HPE GreenLake solutions allow you to migrate your data to another platform whenever you wish. And with a pay-per-use model, you don’t have to overprovision capacity.

A single Scality system can support hundreds of applications simultaneously, just like the public cloud, making storage more affordable and easier to manage (fewer systems, fewer people, fewer silos). It offers stress-free and trusted services without the risks of storing data in the cloud. 

Together, HPE and Scality have deployed over an exabyte of storage and have hundreds of joint customers in more than 40 countries. This represents data-centric use cases in industries such as cloud services, telecommunications companies, banking, hospitals, police, military, and defense agencies. Because there are no data access or egress fees, these customers realize substantial savings over other solutions in the market.

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