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Multi-tiered data protection with HPE Cloud Bank Storage for 3PAR



HPE is simplifying cloud backup with HPE Cloud Bank Storage. Learn how Cloud Bank enables multi-tiered data protection all the way from on-premises 3PAR arrays to the public cloud.

HPE Cloud Bank Data Protection_blog.pngHPE has simplified cloud data protection with the recent announcement of General Availability for HPE Cloud Bank Storage. Earlier this month I had the pleasure of showcasing Cloud Bank Storage at HPE’s premiere customer event,  Discover 2017 in Madrid, where thousands of IT professionals came together.

A common theme of most of my conversations with customers and partners at Discover was how best to exploit the benefits of hybrid IT—leveraging both the public cloud and on-premises infrastructure.  HPE Cloud Bank Storage, which enables new cloud capabilities for HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage generated a lot of interest as it provides customers with application integrated end‑to‑end data protection all the way from on-premises 3PAR arrays to the public cloud.

Let’s take a closer look at how Cloud Bank Storage for 3PAR enables a multi-tiered data protection strategy.

A tiered approach

Modern business is powered by applications and services with diverse recovery, retention and cost objectives.  So when it comes to best practice data protection, no single data protection technology can provide the complete solution. A hybrid multi-tiered approach is required where on premises primary/secondary storage and off-premises private/public cloud storage have different yet complementary roles to play for backup, disaster recovery and long term retention and archive.  Simply put, when you’re looking for a comprehensive, tiered and converged data protection architecture that balances cost, control and performance, it should not be a question of either-or but more a case of where and how to best use on-premises and cloud storage tiers.  

Your organization often needs to retain data in your own data centers to comply with corporate policies, regulations, service level agreements and security mandates. An on-premises backup tier can minimize recovery time, while maximizing the control your company has over your critical data. A public cloud tier can reduce TCO, improve agility and increase efficiency for applications with less stringent requirements. With the addition of a public cloud tier, a business can also follow the 3-2-1 data protection rule (at least three copies, in two different formats, and one offsite) and store a third copy of production data in the cloud.  Following the 3-2-1 rule will mean you always have an available and useable backup of your data and systems, and in a world where ransomware can instantly take you offline, that’s a vital precaution

Traditionally, this tiered protection model has been achieved using several point solutions, which can compound the complexity, cost, and skills required to protect a company’s data. HPE Cloud Bank Storage for 3PAR eliminates these silos, allowing storage or application admins to automatically move backup data through different storage tiers, either directly from the 3PAR management console or from within the application itself.Cloud Bank Data Protection 3PAR.jpg

  • Tier 1—Production Tier: HPE 3PAR snapshots offer fast, non-disruptive point-in-time copies of data and enable fast recovery to a recent copy in the event of file loss and corruption. Snapshots are taken regularly but have relatively short retention periods.
  • Tier 2—On-Premises Backup Tier: HPE StoreOnce delivers the comprehensive data protection that mission-critical applications require, enabling you to backup to a local deduped disk appliance (in addition to snapshots and replication) as a second line of defense.  HPE StoreOnce Backups are self-contained, fully independent copies of your data that protect applications running on primary storage against storage platform outage as well as file loss or application corruption beyond the oldest snapshot. StoreOnce disk backup enables fast recovery and enables many copies of data/previous points in time to be kept economically over time with deduplication.
  • Tier 3—Cloud Tier:  HPE Cloud Bank Storage lets you seamlessly, securely, and cost-effectively move backup data from StoreOnce to the public, private, hybrid cloud or on-premises object storage—enabling long-term retention, archive and reliable disaster recovery that is simple and efficient. The solution sends, stores and retrieves only unique data for lower TCO and is highly scalable, enabling the protection and retention of more than 100 PB of backup data starting at one tenth of a cent per month. And unlike competitive solutions, you have the flexibility to recover data from the Cloud Bank store to any physical or virtual StoreOnce system—such as StoreOnce VSA on Microsoft Azure—anywhere in the world. In addition, with HPE Cloud Bank Storage archive feature, “cold data” can be moved to even more cost-efficient object storage for archiving or extended retention.

HPE Cloud Bank Storage Hybrid IT.jpg

Bottom line

By deploying cloud-ready storage on premises today, you can be better prepared for moving to the cloud at any time and, at the same time, achieve many agility benefits within your own data center.

With HPE Cloud Bank Storage now available for 3PAR, you can natively link your primary storage, secondary storage, and private/public cloud storage. 

As a result you can leverage the economics, agility and flexibility of the cloud for long term retention of backup or archival data (for regulatory or governance compliance) or disaster recovery, while continuing to use your on-premises 3PAR infrastructure for short-term operational recovery with fast restore.

Find out more

Cloud Bank Storage is already in use among selected customers and partners – and will be generally available with StoreOnce Systems from the end of January 2018. Talk to your HPE Partner or HPE representative today for a Cloud Bank Storage demo.  And check out the new ChalkTalk video on HPE Cloud Bank Storage.

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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Simon Watkins, WW Product Marketing Manager, Data Protection, HPE Storage.



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