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New HP StoreEver enhancements for faster, more secure and reliable data protection and retention


SimonWatkins.jpegBy Simon Watkins, Worldwide Tape Product Marketing Manager, HP Storage


Last week at HP Discover, we announced a wealth of enhancements to the HP StoreEver Tape family that enable you to meet big data backup performance, efficiently protect archive data, safeguard data at rest and cost effectively assure that backup and archive data is accessible – when you need it. 

StoreEver reduces complexity, cost and risk with support for industry-standard KMIP encryption key managers.

What is KMIP? 

Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), is an industry-standard “wire protocol” for secure and standardized communications between any key management server and any encryption system. Through this interoperability, enterprises can deploy a single enterprise key management infrastructure to manage keys for all encryption systems in the enterprise.   

Why is KMIP support important for HP StoreEver Tape Libraries? 

Until recently, centralized key managers used their own proprietary protocols for passing encryption keys over the network. Therefore, most centralized key managers were compatible only with specific tape libraries. KMIP support means that HP StoreEver tape libraries and centralized key servers now have the ability to support a standard that enables interoperability between vendors, without the cost or complexity of encryption silos. 

Which KMIP compliant encryption key managers are supported by HP StoreEver Libraries?

HP StoreEver ESL G3, HP StoreEver MSL6480 and HP StoreEver MSL 2024/4048 KMIP key manager client licenses enable connection to KMIP compliant encryption key managers—which currently include HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) 4.0 and SafeNet KeySecure. Always check the EBS Compatibility Matrix at  for the latest information on key manager support for HP StoreEver Tape Libraries. 

StoreEver ensures your data is accessible when you need it with new high availability path failover. 

StoreEverMSL.jpgNew high-availability path failover features for the HP StoreEver MSL6480and HP StoreEver ESL G3 Tape Libraries help reduce downtime and read/write issues by StoreEverMSL.jpgsupporting ongoing host and SAN connectivity under a variety of adverse conditions. New Secure Manager support for HP StoreEver MSL6480 increases backup reliability by blocking disruptive traffic from unauthorized hosts to the library, one of the main causes of failed or incomplete backups.


StoreEver enables the integrity and accessibility of business-critical data stored on tape media throughout its lifecycle. 

How can you verify the quality of your archived tape data over time? And, how can you feel confident that the data stored in an infrequently or never accessed tape archive will be available and retrievable when needed?

HP StoreEver Data Verification software provides an automated process to validate media readability and data integrity on your backup and archive tapes, based on administrator-applied policies. By quickly identifying the degrading media and notifying select users via email, events, and reports, data verification helps you avoid failures in your data retrievals and restores. In addition, the data verification process scans tapes as a background process without interfering with your running applications. 

HP StoreEver Data Verification is a vital long-term data reliability feature that helps ensure data written to tape is retrievable for the life of the tape. 



StoreEver improves enterprise backup speeds by 2x! 

The HP StoreEver ESL G3 Tape Library has increased its backup performance by 2X, now supporting up to 192 tape drives in a multi-frame library and enabling blistering backup speeds of up to 276TB/hour!* 

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