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New HPE MSA Storage gets down to business for Microsoft workloads

The HPE MSA storage array is known for its flash-enabled performance that made app acceleration possible on even a modest IT budget.  Looking at it from the perspective of Microsoft business workloads such as SQL Server, it’s a platform that lets IT teams accomplish more for less.  With this new generation of HPE MSA Storage, we’re seeing valuable new areas of functionality, more intelligent management, and new ways that it saves money vs. even popular infrastructure approaches.

MSFT-MSA-Viking_Blog_shutterstock_588013970.pngBest practices just got even better

We will be publishing a new whitepaper with best practices for Windows and Hyper-V on HPE MSA. Our documented guidance builds upon previous generations of product usage, and helps users benefit from lessons already learned. It spans topics on set-up, provisioning and health monitoring to name a few.

Best practices have expanded to encompass how to deploy Microsoft iSCSI Initiators. This helps ensure effective redundancy and load balancing for fault tolerant storage networking.  Published direction includes detailed guidance on initial set-up and configuration of the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator service.

An economic value of the enhanced MSA storage array is the increased operational efficiency. Already designed to be an affordable storage platform, now with the enhanced onboard controller-based data protection and hands-free capabilities, it can provide more effective storage capacity, easier management, while delivering more flash-enabled performance as in the past.

HPE MSA Gen6 Storage is flash-ready, and delivers affordable acceleration for Microsoft SQL Server and other workloadsHPE MSA Gen6 Storage is flash-ready, and delivers affordable acceleration for Microsoft SQL Server and other workloadsNew MSA takeaways

The new HPE MSA makes the most of a new architecture, new ASIC, new chipsets and key new features for things like health monitoring.  The product team just announced all that’s new with the platform and I encourage you to read the HPE MSA Gen6 Announcement blog  

The boost delivered to performance will translate directly into more transactions for your SQL Server databases, the ability to host more apps within Hyper-V VMs, and an improved ability to consolidate multiple Microsoft workloads onto a single storage array. 

Other key improvements in the areas of greater fault tolerance, advanced RAID protection, and the Health Check tool will help ensure your business applications remain up and available. Which is a luxury previously only for higher-priced enterprise-class infrastructure.

With the new HPE MSA storage, you enjoy the benefits of control, performance and availability of having your applications and data on-premises, plus realize fixed affordability vs. less predictable cloud subscriptions.  

MSA for SQL Server

Focusing in on Microsoft SQL Server, there have been traditional challenges around rapidly growing transaction loads, the need to ensure high availability for increasingly mission-critical databases, and hardware sprawl that brings with it higher management costs.

HPE MSA Storage has been a go-to answer for these challenges, and this new generation further solves the problems and so much more:

  • New controller architecture, including a new ASIC and chip set with faster throughput 12Gb SAS backend and support for higher performance flash SSD media.
  • The MSA Health Check tool incorporates intelligence from HPE InfoSight capabilities which is known for its industry leading AI predictive analytics for IT infrastructure
  • Built in automated tiering maximizes performance from even a small amount of SSDs, which boots performance while minimizing your overall infrastructure footprint.
  • Design features to reduce the headache of upgrading, and easy wizard-based tools for fast, confident set-up

Get started

The new generation of HPE MSA storage delivers an even higher level of budget-optimized performance, whether for your SQL Server data infrastructure, some other Microsoft business workload, or a number of applications.  Design features addressing easy upgrade and fast set-up deliver a cloud-like management experience.  And with automated data efficiency features, it makes the HPE MSA both cost-efficient and predictable in its total cost of ownership. 

HPE MSA Storage is a great choice for your Microsoft SQL or any Microsoft business application infrastructure. The new HPE MSA storage raises the bar for application performance with simplified management that fits any IT budget. Learn more at: official HPE MSA Gen6 announcement .

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