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New Market Share Reports Confirm HPE’s Leadership in Tape



New market share numbers from analysts IDC confirm that HPE StoreEver continues to lead in worldwide open systems tape drive, tape autoloader and tape automation (21-500 slots) markets. Let’s examine why market share matters in tape, highlight some key market trends and spotlight where and why HPE continues to win.

Measuring the success of a business based on revenue results anMarket share BLOG.jpgd other internal key performance indicators doesn’t tell the whole story. Satisfaction with revenue growth can be misleading if performance is below par relative to the competition.  

Market share tells a different story than revenue reports because market share is an indicator of market competitiveness. This is particularly true in a mature industry such as tape where achieving revenue growth is often a zero sum game and is incumbent on taking share from the competition. 

According to IDC’s recently released Worldwide Quarterly Tape Tracker for the first half of 2016 (1H 2016), HPE continues to lead in worldwide open systems tape drive, tape automation1 markets. HPE has increased its leadership in EMEA open systems tape drive and automation2.

The latest market share results confirm that HPE is:

  • #1in stand-alone tape drives - with 5x the revenue of the nearest competitor
  • #1 in tape autoloaders (1-20 slots) - with 2x the revenue of the nearest competitor
  • #1 in tape libraries (21-500 slots) - with a Y/Y share gain of 2.2 percentage points
  • #1 in EMEA open systems tape drive and tape automation (1-1000+ slots) – with a Y/Y share gain of 3.7 percentage points

IDC’s report also confirms that HPE is transforming the mid-range (101-500 slots) tape automation market. The HPE StoreEver MSL6480 mid-range tape library delivered double digit revenue growth, year on year, in the first half of 2016. As a result, the MSL6480 took 8.7 percentage points of share year on year, driving HPE to the number one market share position. This trend was particularly pronounced in the EMEA region where the MSL6480 claimed over 16.9 percentage points of share year on year!

The MSL6480 has had a significant impact on HPE’s share performance in the 101-500 slot segment, increasing HPE’s share by 2.5X since it was introduced in June 2013.

Why is HPE winning in tape?


A key driver for HPE’s share leadership is product innovation. A great example is the introduction of LTO-7 across our full portfolio of StoreEver tape media, tape drives and tape automation. LTO-7 is the seventh generation of the world’s most successful tape drive and is HPE’s highest capacity, fastest and most reliable tape drive yet. 

Check out my LTO-7 blog post to learn how HPE StoreEver LTO-7 represents the next leap forward for Big Data Archives.

LTO-7 delivers breakthrough innovation in capacity, performance and reliability

Market Scale 1.jpg

Another example of HPE innovation is HPE StoreEver Archive Manager which creates an intelligent archive by combining the accessibility of flash with the reliability and low cost of tape. It does this by presenting HPE StoreEver tape libraries as a standard network share or mount point using Windows® or Linux® file sharing protocols through a flash buffer front end. Users can easily save, search and retrieve data directly from the HPE StoreEver archive.

Market Scale Side 2.jpg

 StoreEver Archive Manager provides an easily accessible, cost-effective, and self-protecting storage tier that helps you balance the widening gap between exploding storage and flat budgets.

HPE StoreEver Archive Migrator adds policy-based file management enabling you to move inactive data from your 3PAR StoreServ Flash Array to the Archive Manager tier.

As a result, you benefit from an effective archive workflow that not only enables business growth by making data more accessible for a longer period, but also reduces storage costs.


Another important reason for HPE’s success in tape is the scale of the StoreEver product set. HPE offers the broadest tape portfolio in the industry today, serving every sector of the market from SMB through to mid-range through to enterprise customers – with a product set that encompasses tape media to standalone tape drives, through entry level, mid-range and enterprise class tape libraries. And this broad portfolio gives you a wide choice of capacity and performance options, price points, form factor choices and levels of manageability and availability, all delivered with unique HPE technologies in the areas of reliability and performance.

Market Scale Side 3.jpg

 An integrated approach to backup, recovery and archive

An additional reason for why HPE is winning in tape is provided by our comprehensive range of disk, tape and software data protection solutions. These enable organizations to maximize the value they get from their data over its entire lifecycle, while minimizing total cost of ownership. This broad Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA) portfolio enables HPE to play the role of trusted advisor, focused on delivering the right answer to your problems—as opposed to operating from a single product angle.

Printing press manufacturer Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is a great example of a company that is saving time, money and reducing risk by adopting a comprehensive approach to data protection that spans software, disk and tape. Heidelberg recently deployed a combined hardware and software solution comprising an HPE StoreEver MSL6480 Tape Library, HPE Data Protector Software 9.0 and the HPE StoreOnce 4900 with deduplication technology. This all-HPE solution has enabled the company to create backups and restores more flexibly than ever before.

Check out this blog to find out how Heidelberg is leveraging the best of disk and tape for best practice data availability, protection and retention.

Market share leadership: why does it matter to you?

Experience matters. And HPE’s market leadership represents sustained industry leadership, investment in innovation, and deep tape storage expertise. It also positions us as a partner with a broader frame of reference and a wider regional and vertical market presence.

HPE remains laser focused on driving StoreEver tape market share leadership and will continue to invest in the new use cases and ecosystems that take advantage of the cost and durability of tape based storage.

For further information: HPE StoreEver

[1] 1-500 slot tape libraries
[2] 1-1000+ slot tape libraries


Simon_W.jpegMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Simon Watkins, WW Product Marketing Manager, Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA), HPE Storage.

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