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New Solutions for Veeam from HPE and Nimble Storage



I'm at VeeamON in New Orleans and the fun has just started at the event. I have the pleasure of telling you about some of the latest from HPE and Nimble Storage that attendees at VeeamON are seeing for themselves. So let megear heads_Scality_ATSB_11Jan_blog_sized.jpg jump into it. 

Veeam Explorer and Recovery Manager Central

Veeam Explorer allows granular recovery of Exchange, Active Directory, SQL and Oracle. If you're not familiar with it, here's the data sheet (PDF) from Veeam's website.  HPE Recovery Manager Central has been covered extensively on ATSB so hopefully you know what it is. RMC expert Simon Watkins had an ATSB post a couple of weeks ago that announced the availability of RMC 4.0 and his post is a good overview if you want to learn more about RMC. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a demo video must be worth ten thousand.  I want to share with you a demo video I did showing RMC for VMware at work with 3PAR and StoreOnce leveraging the performance of snapshots with the protection of a backup. And then I'll show Veeam Explorer for Exchange and SharePoint coming to the rescue to recover a lost email and file deleted from SharePoint. I recommend watching the demo on YouTube, change the settings to 720HD, and watch it full screen. Here's the demo.

Nimble Storage Secondary Flash Array

The deal with Nimble Storage closed just a few weeks ago and I can tell you the our two teams have been hard at work on the integration. I've spent some of my time since the close getting to know Nimble's products. I was pleasantly surprised to know there is a new product to talk about and since it's tightly integrated with Veeam Software.  So I get to introduce you to today to the Nimble Secondary Flash Array. You'll hear us talk about it as the SF-Series or the SFA.  Here's what the SFA is:

  • The SFA enables you to put your backup data to work. 
  • It effectively combines flash performance with built-in in-line deduplication and compression to get the most out of your capacity.
  • The SFA is designed for customers who want to be able to run real workloads on their secondary storage.

Those three bullets are about 50 words and just scratch the surface on the SFA. You know what I said about a demo video being worth ten thousand words, well I'd say my first Nimble Storage ChalkTalk gets close to that too.  (Though my rough count is that I say less than 800 words in the ChalkTalk!)

Tomorrow I'll have a post from my Nimble Storage colleague Michael Harding talking more about the SFA. Michael is at VeeamON to and I'm aiming to do a podcast with him and one of my HPE StoreOnce experts that is also at VeeamON.  So stay tuned as we get the discussion on the SFA going! 


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