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New Windows Admin Center extensions for HPE servers now available

More easily manage your Apollo 4200s within Windows or your Azure Stack HCI clusters, using our new WAC extensions. Also available for Proliant and Synergy.

New Windows Admin Center extensions_Blog_shutterstock_1221805642 (6).jpgWindows Admin Center (WAC) is the new way to manage Windows. It's locally deployed, browser-based and lets you view and manage your Windows servers as well as Azure Stack HCI clusters. It's also the way to get a single, integrated view of your on-premise Windows resources along with your subscribed Azure cloud services. WAC comes at no additional cost beyond Windows and is ready to use in production today.

We're excited about it here in the HPE Storage team, because we've just released new Extensions for our Apollo 4200.  The extensions will enable both the use of WAC to manage Apollo 4200s as Windows servers, as well as Apollo 4200s within Azure Stack HCI clusters.



More info on the HPE WAC extension program is available online here.  New extensions are also now available for Proliant and Synergy. 

HPE WAC Server extensions enable health monitoring for HPE Gen10 and Gen10 Plus servers, while the HPE Azure Stack HCI extension enables management for Azure Stack HCI clusters.  All the HPE Server and Azure Stack HCI extensions are available in a single package on Microsoft SME MyGet here

Use these extensions to better manage your HPE Apollo Big Data HCI systems or just to get better administration of HPE Apollo and other HPE servers within your larger Windows environment.

As always, more info on our Microsoft Storage solutions, including software defined HCI on HPE Apollo, is available at 

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Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Mike Harding, head of Product Management for Microsoft Storage solutions at HPE. He came to HPE via Nimble Storage, and prior to that led the marketing of the NetApp Converged Infrastructure effort, including the multi-billion dollar FlexPod solution. Mike has over 25 years of product management and marketing experience at both start-ups and larger tech companies and tweets regularly under the handle @mhardi01.

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