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New company, new feature for VSA 1TB trial



 By Janet Runberg, SDS Sales Enablement Manager, HPE Storage


Acceleration is the name of the game

kayaks_ATSB_shutterstock_68890825_11Nov_blog_sized.jpgBeing part of a brand new company is a little like jumping into a kayak and heading down a river with a bunch of fellow adventurers. If you paddle hard and keep the nose pointed downstream, you know you’re going to pick up speed. When you’re part of a team that has some experience behind them, speed can be a lot of fun, and that’s a good thing. Because Hewlett Packard Enterprise is all about acceleration. And the HPE Storage team is devicefully moving with the current.


Yes, yes… I’m biased. But think about it – storage technology that was wrapped inside big, slow, energy-consuming boxes ten or fifteen years ago has slipped out of its shell into a software-defined, flash-enabled world that can grow and morph with your needs. Now features like Adaptive Optimization can balance data between tiers automatically and continuously in real time. Entire compute/storage infrastructures can be set up in less than 15 minutes.

You deserve the same sort of accelerated process from free trial software programs, don’t you? I’m happy to announce, that’s happening.

A quick StoreVirtual refresher

Originally developed a decade ago by LeftHand Networks and purchased by Hewlett-Packard in 2008, HPE StoreVirtual is the storage technology behind our hyper-converged appliances. Loaded onto virtualized application servers or pre-installed in our CS 250-HC appliances, StoreVirtual VSA software creates a virtual storage array inside each server, alongside applications. You can manage the software from a single console using VMware vCenter, Microsoft System Center, or Linux KVM management, and it includes all the enterprise features that are available in all StoreVirtual-based solutions: thin provisioning, data mobility, disaster recovery, multi-site SAN, the works.

What has changed?

The Free 1TB StoreVirtual VSA offer has been around for a couple of years, as many of you know. In fact, when you take into account free and purchased software, we’ve distributed over 2 million VSA licenses, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are among the many VSA experts running StoreVirtual in your lab today.

Here’s a new feature that might surprise you: auto-activation for VSA licenses. Starting with our latest VSA software release, the free StoreVirtual VSA 1TB license is activated when you install it:

  1. Download the free 1TB VSA
  2. Install the software
  3. Return to to activate your license (auto-activation takes care of this step now) 
  4. Configure your shared storage software and use it for 3 years

One less thing to do in your busy week. HPE StoreVirtual VSA users, welcome to our new accelerated world.

Don’t just take our word for it

Listen to an expert user at VeeamOn describe his experience with the new version of StoreVirtual VSA, focusing on the software’s reliability and stability, and features like Adaptive Optimization.

 Download the Free 1TB StoreVirtual VSA with auto-activation here:













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I have been working across the HPE portfolio for over 12 years marketing hot topics including storage, software-defined, big data and hybrid cloud.

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