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News: HPE and VMware innovation with hybrid cloud


Today at VMworld, HPE and VMware made a pretty big announcement and we're introducing some new solutions in our booth that I wanted to highlight for you in this blog post. HPE at VMworld 2017.jpg

HPE Brings Hybrid Cloud as a Service to VMware customers

HPE and VMware announced that HPE wil offer VMware Cloud Foundation as a Service. The will include HPE GreenLake and HPE Synergy with Cloud Foundation. With HPE GreenLake, this is a fully managed hybrid cloud environment where customers only pay for what they consume. The solution is across on-premises and off premises and supports VMs and containers. 

What is GreenLake and VMware Cloud Foundation? 

  • HPE GreenLake offers a single, consistent hybrid cloud experience based on VMware Cloud Foundation. Customers can implement their right mix of a software-defined, consumption-based private cloud and public cloud.
  • VMware Cloud Foundation is an enterprise-grade hybrid cloud platform, helping customers transition from legacy IT delivery models to modern cloud operating models.  Cloud Foundation helps customers rapidly deploy a standardized private cloud. With Cloud Foundation, IT can transition to an as-a-Service model, becoming a service broker and provider of technology services to the business simply and easily.

HPE GreenLake and VCF.png

This is pretty awesome and am happy to share this (not storage) news on ATSB! If you're attending VMworld, drop by the HPE booth to see this solution. 

To learn more about this solution

HPE Synergy and VMware Cloud Foundation Hybrid Cloud mobility

Another solution that HPE and VMware have collaborated on is a workload mobility solution with HPE Synergy, VMware Cloud Foundation, and Microsoft Azure. This solution allows customers to migrate workloads  delivering the ability to dynamically configure, provision and migrate workloads using a cloud operating model, regardless of the app or dev team location. It supports VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS). PKS delivers Kubernetes-based container services for multi-cloud enterprises. 

Robert Campbell, Sr Global Partner Solution Architect with VMware has a blog post with all the details that I'll point you to, Extending Composable Hybrid Cloud for Workload Mobility Use Cases.  

Another related blog you might want to read is Accelerating Kubernetes Adoption with VMware PKS on Cloud Foundation. This post maps out the work being done at VMware to enable PKS on VMware Cloud Foundation. 

Session to catch on these topics at VMworld

VMware Cloud Foundation and HPE Synergy The Ultimate Hybrid Cloud


Weds 8.28 1130-12:30
Moscone West Room 3022

Synergy Composability for VMware Cloud Foundation


Mon 8.26 5:30-6:30PM
Moscone West Level 2/2001


Catching up with HPE at VMworld

Lastly, here are a few blog posts and a web page we have that can help you stay on top of everything HPE has going on at VMworld.

Stop by and say hello if you're at VMworld!

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