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Nimble Storage at HPE Discover 2017



David Wang, Director of Product Marketing, Nimble Storage, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, shares highlights and observations from his first HPE Discover.

Las Vegas_HPE Discover_blog.jpgNot everything that happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas. And the recent HPE Discover is the perfect example of this exception. Despite the little sleep and four days on our feet, we couldn’t have asked for a better week at our first Discover. And as Nimble was founded on breaking convention, let’s reveal the highlights from Las Vegas.

Discovering Nimble and the Power of Predictive

A central theme of the conference was “Making Hybrid IT Simple." It’s pretty clear why “simple” is needed today. Your business wants to get ahead, but infrastructure keeps holding you back. The complexity of infrastructure invariably leads to unexpected problems including unreliable performance and unplanned downtime. And these problems are costly and consume time that just isn’t available anymore.

And so, at Discover, customers and partners around the world got a breath of fresh air with an introduction to Nimble. They heard how we provide a radically simpler storage experience. One that combines fast flash storage with predictive analytics to deliver consistent performance and over 6-9s measured availability across the installed base. Finally, infrastructure on autopilot!

Every Nimble session was standing room only, packed with customers learning how they can spend less time managing storage and worry less. The secret of course is InfoSight—the industry-leading predictive analytics platform1 for infrastructure. It’s the platform that predicts and resolves 86% of problems before they occur.

Storage admin gets promoted after switching to Nimble – an IT superhero is born!

More than 10,000 customers have happily made the switch to Nimble. Clearly, freeing up time is good for business, but it’s been personally good for Paul Sabin from Baker Botts, LLP too. Paul joined us on stage and shared how he transformed his data center to predictive flash after being hit with a significant outage caused by a storage array (non-HPE of course). Since Nimble made storage so simple, Paul managed to obsolete his job, but that followed with a nice promotion. Check out theCUBE interview and see how far Paul’s team can reach now that they don’t have to manage storage (it’s out of this world!):

And all the excitement from the keynotes and customer sessions carried over to the show floor.

Action in the Expo 

Stepping onto the main floor, customers looked out and saw thousands of people dispersed across hundreds of demos. There was action-packed energy on the floor, so the natural thought was, “Where should I go first?” But then. . . their eyes were drawn to a growNImble Storage_HPE Discover.jpging crowd circled around a translucent green light. And as they got close. . . at the center of it was none other than the infamous hulk rack showcasing Nimble All-Flash Arrays.

As we all know, conversations at conferences are typically brief and frivolous as most of the interest is in the swag (spinners are pretty fun). But what was interesting at Discover was the richness in conversations. Everyone spent nearly an hour captivated on the value and technology of Nimble. Their interest was infectious as they recharged our team and brought in an unending procession of people.

And we had our entire suite of products on display—the All Flash, Adaptive (hybrid) Flash, Secondary Flash, InfoSight, Nimble Cloud Volumes and the upcoming Converged Architecture 700.  Thankfully, gourmet cappuccino was next to us to keep us going all day and night.

To capture some of the good (and information-rich) vibes on the show floor, check out this interview with Nimble’s Gavin Cohen, VP Product and Solutions Marketing, talking about how Nimble Storage makes flash simple.

Being part of a big family

The energy and enthusiasm customers showed for Nimble were non-stop from the second the doors opened. If there’s one key observation from HPE Discover, it’s the clear opportunity ahead. And that's opportunity for customers, partners, Nimble and HPE. Customers know their future is hybrid, but they need a partner who can simplify it. And at HPE Discover, they saw how Nimble Storage and the power of predictive gets them there. So even though the conference is over, the conversations are just getting started.

Thanks HPE Discover. We’ll see you in Madrid!

1 IDC, “HPE Hits a Home Run with the Acquisition of Midmarket Enterprise Storage Vendor Nimble Storage”


David Wang Nimble Storage.jpg

 Around the Storage Block welcomes David Wang, Director of Product Marketing, Nimble Storage.






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