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Not Your Mom’s Storage: Talking Containers and VVols at VMworld


By Jessica Burton & Charles Tierney

Packed into this year’s VMworld are some exciting advancements which are largely focused on VM and application level management. Two of the biggest technologies — containers and VVols — will no doubt receive significant focus throughout the conference, held in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center this coming week. One of the most anticipated and highly registered sessions is a deep dive into those technologies led by two storage experts from Hewlett Packard Enterprise: 

Containers & VVols
A technical deep dive on new technologies that revolutionize storage for vSphere
Eric Siebert, vExpert and Storage Solutions Manager, HPE
Charles Tierney, Storage Solutions & Alliances Manager, HPE
Tuesday, August 30th from 11:30 to 12:30
Location: South Pacific E 
(You can also visit the HPE Containers/VVols Booth #1523 to view a demo and talk to the speakers anytime during the week.)

Containers and VVols change the paradigm in the modern datacenter  

Why does this topic create so much excitement among the VMworld crowd? Simple: companies must move faster than ever before to create competitive advantage and stay relevant to their customers. Success in today’s world is often defined by which companies can deliver their ideas and apps to the digital market the quickest. Often siloed, traditional IT environments simply can’t keep up and can easily become bogged down by the need for new apps and data services.

Fine-tune your storage to make it faster and more efficient

Long past are the days when containers would conjure up memories of your mother’s refrigerator storage filled containers & VVols BLOG.jpgto the brim with leftovers — at least gone for IT operations and developers. Container technology now translates into the efficient and thin packaging of applications and storage services for greater agility and portability in deploying applications at cloud speed. Charlie and Eric will be highlighting vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC) in their sessions and demo. You can take advantage of this technology with HPE StoreVirtual Software-Defined Storage and HPE 3PAR StoreServ All Flash solutions, which also offer persistent, native container integration with Docker and open-source integration with ClusterHQ Flocker for OpenStack environments.

VVols integration is particularly exciting because of the innovative way that vSphere storage and allocation can be provided to IT admins and developers. In fact, admins can choose the class of data services they require for each type of workload and set global policies with performance, availability and efficiency fine-tuned at the granular, VM-level. Other benefits include offloading storage tasks from vSphere to intelligent arrays that can best perform various functions like snapshots to enhance datacenter efficiency. Because HPE collaborated closely with VMware to develop the VVol features, HPE 3PAR StoreServ has been extensively tested and is the reference storage array for Fibre Channel and VVols. 

Not your mother's storage

Outpacing competitors with quality applications and data services requires building your infrastructure on resilient and robust hardware like HPE StoreVirtual Software-Defined Storage and HPE 3PAR StoreServ. It also requires identifying how technologies like containers and VVols can deliver more agility and efficiency to your datacenter. Unlike your mother’s Tupperware taking up shelf space with ¼ cup of leftovers that you may or may not want, today’s container technology is extremely efficient, layering in only the resources that are needed to deploy applications and data services. VVols provide control over your storage to fine-tune at the VM and disk level: you get performance, efficiency and availability like never before. 

Eric, Charlie and I will be at VMworld all week. Attend our sessions, or stop in at the HPE booth #1523 and we can show you how to get started with containers and VVols. Find out more about HPE Storage at VMworld

Oh, and the next time you talk to your mom, you may want to leave out the part about how you learned to pack containers better than she does!

Meet our Around the Storage Block bloggers 

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Jessica Burton, Marketing Manager, HPE Software-Defined Storage  @StorageGal_SV


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Charles Tierney, Storage Solutions & Alliances Manager

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