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Now shipping: HPE Primera, mission-critical redefined

The world's most intelligent storage for mission-critical applications is here. 

HPE Primera - mission critical applications - blog.jpgWe recently announced HPE Primera—the world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical applications. Today I am so excited to announce that it is shipping worldwide.

As a quick refresher, HPE Primera is built upon proven resiliency and powered by HPE InfoSight.  It delivers instant access to data with storage that sets up in minutes, upgrades transparently, and is delivered as a service. And plus, it’s backed up with a 100% availability guarantee.

Since HPE Primera was unveiled in June on the main stage at HPE Discover, we’ve gotten a lot of pretty awesome feedback from press and analysts and customers around the world. These headlines really capture how HPE Primera stands apart in the storage industry to solve the headaches that traditional high-end storage can cause in this new age of innovation.

CRN: HPE Primera - new storage platform combines best of Nimble, 3PAR Storage with InfoSight AI tech
Forbes: HPE Primera's container approach should bring increased level of reliability to the table... This is a nice win for HPE. 
TechTarget/SearchStorage: AI-infused HPE Primera storage array debuts, HPE 3PAR still in the mix.
The Register: HPE's newly-launched HPE Primera array is a performance beast - and that's before it gets NVMe over Fabrics and storage-class memory. 
NetworkWorld: HPE Promises 100% reliability with it's new storage system.
NetworkWorld: InfoSight is the real secret sauce here. 

Fast forward to becoming a digital enterprise

In today’s world, businesses are looking to accelerate everything—and IT plays a huge role in this.  Regardless of the type of business, you want to become digital enterprises and bring new data-driven applications to market. IT is now expected to deliver on this. But it’s extremely hard to keep up, due to infrastructure complexity, constant fire-fighting, and fragmented silos. And when we’re talking about high-end storage, these problems are even worse.

What we’ve set out to do with HPE Primera is to bring an entirely new storage experience in the high-end. And that’s why I’m thrilled that we are sharing it with you, starting today. Many key areas set HPE Primera apart from traditional high-end storage: It delivers an on-demand experience, protects with app-aware resiliency, consolidates with predictive acceleration, and ensures a timeless investment. Let’s take a look at these four specific areas.

1. Delivering an on-demand experience

We all know that IT is extremely busy. When managing traditional high-end storage, you're dealing with high-touch administration. This includes complex planning, tedious configurations, performance tuning, and disruptive upgrades. HPE Primera, on the other hand, delivers an on-demand experience for instant storage gratification, without any of the headaches. 

We’ve radically simplified the end-to-end lifecycle of storage management by reducing time spent deploying, managing, and scaling storage by up to 93%. HPE Primera is the only high-end storage platform that lets customers self-install and self-upgrade with rack to applications in less than 20 minutes for the easiest install in its class. 

HPE Primera has an all-active architecture where data can simultaneously access all controllers and ports. Unlike traditional high-end storage platforms that need constant tuning, HPE Primera tunes itself as every resource is always balanced. 

The software is also extremely unique. Traditional high-end platforms have monolithic operating systems where all the data services are tightly coupled together. This creates risk in the upgrade process due to the interdependencies across services. With HPE Primera, every data service can be deployed, upgraded, and restarted independent of each other. This removes all risks from the upgrade process—and for the most part. completes upgrades without needing to reboot nodes. With HPE Primera, customers aren’t afraid of updates breaking their system—unlike traditional high-end storage customers. 

2. Protecting with app-aware resiliency

Traditional high-end storage is built to be a reactive design center under the assumption that a problem is going to happen. this means that customer are still left to deal with these problems. But we all know that more than 90% arise from above the storage layer. This means that the walls of storage in a traditional high-end design only address a small part of the problem. 

What if you can go beyond these limitations? You can with HPE Primera. It combines predictive analytics with a resilient design center with multi-site replication and app-aware data protection for no disruptions, corruptions, or delays. 

HPE Primera is embedded with HPE InfoSight to provide predictive analytics to prevent disruptions and downtime from storage to VMs. We’re so confident in these capabilities that we’re backing this up with a 100% availability guarantee. If you receive less than 100% availability, receive credits towards a future purchase of HPE Primera. That’s it. 

The app-aware data protection is extended to the cloud. Native software integrates HPE Primera with HPE StoreOnce to give our customers a converged snapshot, replication, and backup service that extends traditional backup processes. This type of data protection is fast, efficient, reliable, and simple.

3. Consolidating with predictive acceleration

Businesses expect their mission-critical applications to be fast all the time.  With traditional high-end storage, the problem is with latency and unpredictability. The more workloads that are added onto a system, the more unpredictable the performance is. Because of this risk, many customers are hesitant to do so. 

High-end storage should be ultra-low latency at scale, to ensure that every application will have low, consistent latency no matter the number of applications. And that’s where HPE Primera comes in. It is able to consolidate with predictive acceleration for ultra-fast, low latency at scale. Its unique all-active architecture, as mentioned above, delivers limitless parallelization and memory-driven design. Because HPE InfoSight is embedded into HPE Primera, you get predictive performance and workload insights. 

4. Ensuring a timeless investment

I’m not saying anything groundbreaking when I say that high-end storage is a big decision and investment. This is a particularly big decision because it needs to support your business well into the future.

Even though we don’t have a time machine to see into the future. . . we do have Timeless Storage. Buying traditional high-end storage comes with unplanned downtime, forklift upgrades, and unpredictable support costs.  With HPE Primera and Timeless Storage, customers get enterprise storage with data efficiency and availability guarantees, along with all-inclusive software, flexible consumption options, and seamless, automatic upgrades to keep pace with your business. You can take advantage of a non-disruptive controller refresh every three years. Mo data migration required. This program eliminates costly rip-and-replace upgrades while giving you predictable maintenance and support pricing. 

Yes, HPE Primera is here

And the trouble of traditional high-end storage is gone. The world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical storage removes the complexities that you’re used to seeing with high-end storage.

To see what all the press buzz is about, take a look at this video to see what it’s like to live a day in the life of HPE Primera:

Jenna 2018.jpgMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Jenna Colleran, Product Marketing Manager, HPE Primera.

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