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Pain Relief for Healthcare Data Centers

In the 1987 classic Princess Bride, the Man in Black tells the princess, “Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

While that may be true, there are people and infrastructures that can help. Full disclosure: I am selling something. Something that is guaranteed to ease the pain of legacy infrastructures for IT admins, and mend fractured data protection strategies. Something that steers clear of feverish IT activity on weekends. It will also keep costs – and IT admins’ blood pressure – down.

I’m talking about hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). HCI combines servers, storage, networking, and data center services in a compact appliance that can be managed from a single central or remote console. HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure powered by Intel® includes built-in data protection. HPE’s partnership with HyTrust takes healthcare data security a step further.

Simplified, secure operations with HyTrust and HPE hyperconverged

HIPAA regulations require protection of healthcare information, and HyTrust provides an array of compliance monitoring and enforcement tools to simplify this process. HPE has validated HPE SimpliVity interoperability with the HyTrust platform and published the results in this technical whitepaper. The paper explains how the HIPAA-compliant solution secures application data through encryption, and it includes best practices for implementation.Painless healthcare.jpg

The proven solution starts with VM-centric management. HPE SimpliVity can move VMs efficiently and quickly across data centers within a federation. HyTrust DataControl allows the IT admin to rekey a VM with a new key for a new data center, instructing the system to shred the old key for the old data center. Cloned and restored VMs can be rekeyed as well, which means data cannot be duplicated and stolen by simply using data services. (If the entire VM does not need encrypting, HyTrust also allows data protection at a more granular level.)

The zero downtime approach allows for frequent rekeying, which increases security and compliance with various regulations and security best practices. It’s a unique capability and a primary reason HPE chose to partner with HyTrust.

Prescription for healthcare facilities: HPE SimpliVity

Healthcare facilities have relied on HPE SimpliVity technology for many years to refresh aging infrastructures, simplify operations, and protect critical data.

  • Weeks Medical Center chose HPE SimpliVity for improved risk mitigation and HIPAA compliance. In addition to $100,000 annual TCO savings, they realized backup and recovery improvements, including massive PACS (medical image) files restored in minutes.
  • Neil Medical Group needed to refresh its legacy IT infrastructure, simplify operations and improve data protection for critical applications. They saw a 25% increase in application performance with HPE SimpliVity, and as much as 137:1 data efficiency.
  • Altrecht consolidated 8 racks of legacy equipment down to 2 racks of HPE SimpliVity systems. Rapid and efficient data protection allows them to back up and recover VMs in minutes compared to hours with their previous infrastructure.
  • Namibia Institute of Pathology built a private cloud to shield sensitive data. HPE SimpliVity streamlined IT operations and delivered a 94:1 data efficiency ratio

To learn more about how HPE SimpliVity can bring pain relief to your data center, download the free e-book: Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies.


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